Friday, February 15, 2008

Evergreen buys Cosi Pulp Mill!

Evergreen is in the late stages of finalizing a purchase of a pulp mill in Cosmopolis, Washington. The Daily World. This is a great thing for the people living around Gray's Harbor. Weyerhaeuser had closed the pulp mill and also a sawmill two years ago with a total of nearly 600 directly losing their jobs and hundreds more vendor wise in a small manufacturing market. The economic waves hit the area hard. It sounds like Evergreen is willing to negotiate with the AWPPW for a union contract for the new Evergreen workers.

The Cosi plant specializes in acetate pulp for clothe fiber and cigarette paper. Maybe we can open a paper processing plant here in Humboldt County to replace Zig Zag. Call it "Evergreen Natural." We have so much of the "natural" product, we might as well take financial advantage. Just saying.

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