Monday, January 14, 2008

Humboldt County Power Couples?

I have had people tell me that Robin and I are a Humboldt County power couple. I laugh and tell them we are house renters from Samoa. We both believe in volunteering for the community and raised our kids to do the same. Robin and I are on the HCDCC , the board for Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, I am on the board of Directors for the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, Robin is on the board for the NHUHSD Northern Humboldt and I am the President of AWPPW local 49. You would think that is crazy busy, but when we both ran the Peninsula sports programs and the Adult Fall Ball Basketball league, SAC Adult Softball Tournaments and raised kids for over 20 years, this is down time.

This area seems to have lots of people multi tasking, and many couples that are like minded that are high profile politically. Here are some of the people I see as high profile/Like minded, "power couples."

1. Robin and Cheri Arkley- Most well known Republican couple that has donated untold millions to many Humboldt projects.

2. Dave Meserve and Betsy Roberts- Anti war advocates who have been involved heavily in local politics for many years.

3. Dave Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap- Progressive Green Party members. Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County Great community organizers. More power than the most want to admit.

4. David and Penny Elsebusch- This couple will fight to the finish either parties cause they feel is right. They are not blinded by party lines and will both speak their minds. May not agree with them all the time, but love their tenacity.

5. Sef and Liz Murguia- Sef is chair of Humboldt County Community Development Services Liz is Congressman Mike Thompson's Rep. Mike Thompson :: Contact Us.

6. Harvey Harper and Dr. Davies- Conservatives extreme.

7. Bonnie Neely and Terry Farmer- Would have been #1 a few years ago. Where's Terry?

8. Greg and Carol Ann Conners- Tag team moderate liberals.

9. Pam and Bob Service- Passionate democrats.

10. Shane Brinton and Monica- Monica will probably take issue with me. They are a young couple that influence many. Shane as a political activist and Monica as a high profile radio personality. Where they meet politically will be defined in the future.


Anonymous said...

Liz is Congressman Mike Thompson's Rep. Mike Thompson :: Contact Us

She's Thompson's what?

samoasoftball said...

Area Rep.

Monica... That One Girl said...

Richard, you crack me up. My mom e-mailed me laughing her butt off (I can only assume, as I couldn't actually see her reaction) and I had no idea what she was talking about. Now I know. I'd say we're honored, though I have a hard time speaking for Shane, as always. :-)

With any luck, the snarky Anonymouses (Anonymice?) will attack the others before they get down to us. hah.

Oh, and I'll give one hint at my politics... I'm pro-choice, and proudly so.

Carol said...

Thanks for putting us on your list Richard & Robin! xo to both of you!

Fred Mangels said...

Last I heard, Terry Farmer got a job as a deputy district attorney down south. Sonoma or Napa County maybe?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really care?

Fred Mangels said...

Sure. With Dikeman gone, who else can we get to run against Gallegos? It will be Gallegos' challenger's race to lose. Problem is, except for Dikeman, last time around we had a bunch of lame candidates. Now Dikeman's gone. Will either Dikeman or Farmer be willing to come back?

Anonymous said...

The Ekovox Power Couple Short List:

Becky & Walt Giacomini: Members of the Buckeye Conservancy, Cattleman's Association, School Board members. Represent Eel River Valley residents in many ways.

Duane & Micky Flatmo. Stock & Rachael Schleuter. Terri Oats & Jim McVicker. Ken Biedelman & June Moxon. Imagine our community without their coupled contribution to the arts.

Amos & Maria Tripp. Representing the local Native American concerns serving on countless health, education and welfare boards from California Rural Indian Health Board to Humboldt Area Foundation.

Bob & Susan Ornelas. Arcata area representatives for municipal, agriculture, resource restoration and social concerns.

John & Joanie Fredricks. McKinleyville Realtors. County planning and development and advisory commissions. You may disagree with their intentions, but they are serving the community where others do not.

Pete & MaryAnn Bansen. Ferndale Dairy Owners. Very civic, ag and education oriented.

Fred Neighbor & Joyce Hough.
Besides being Arcata's most popular musical couple, they also have served on many boards from Dell Arte to North Coast Regional Land Trust to their work with the North Coast Environmental Center.

Those are to just name a few.

And geez, I didn't even mention Roger & Johanna Rodoni.

Anonymous said...

You're turning into such a HCDCC big head. If they are advocates or great or passionate then they are (libs), if they are extreem then they are conservative. Your view of real power is not balanced nor is your list of power couples. Typical.

samoasoftball said...

ekovox-Thanks for your list. Those are great add ons.

Anonymous said...

So who are the top ten individuals? The papers used to do that once in awhile. What defines power, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how someone like the Elsebusches make this list. They are ranting everywhere, but are typically very poorly informed and barely tolerated by what ever board they appear in front of. I can't name a single issue where they've had an influence in the final decision, which is how I'd define power.

There's probably a couple others on that list that I could say the same thing about.

Anonymous said...

What defines power, anyway?

Good point.

Anonymous said...

I would add another chapter to "No Exit" where Dave and Penny get to entertain Sef and Liz for ever. Get then all out of our hair and get justice at the same time.

samoasoftball said...

You see what power is-- holding someone else's fear in your hand and showing it to them!
-- Amy Tan

That is true power. As a union organizer I have witnesses many Corporations do just that with the "You will be on strike!" Boogie man.