Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yuck, I dislike these songs!

Maybe it is the rain or just that winter thing, but here is more songs that really grate on me. I know some of you might like these songs, but I can do without:

#5 "Hotel California"-Eagles: Please, do not play this tune in front of me. I won't be held responsible for my actions.

#4 "Your kiss is on my list"-Hall and Oates: C'mon, they are on your "list" too.

#3 "My Sharona"-The Knack: Robin and I had neighbors on Quaker St. when we were newlyweds that played this song to death.

#2 "More than a feeling"- Boston: Has to be the most overplayed song in the history of music. I used to love Boston. Can't stand them now.

#1 "The Joker"- Steve Miller Band: Had a bad dentist experience while this song played. Maybe a psychological thing.

Oh, don't even get me started on my worst Country list. I will save that for another day.


Anonymous said...

hate is a very strong word.

rick said...

With that said my most hated song would be Delta Dawn by Helen Ready.
My little sister played that over and over and over.

Beachcomber said...

Ode to Billy Joe, made worse when Cliff at KHUM digs up several versions and plays them one after another after another....*groan*. Elvis' In the Ghetto. I know there are some 80s hair-band songs that make me nuts, as well. I know `em when I hear `em.

gingerbread man said...


Anonymous said...

wtf is wrong with you?????

My Sharona...Hate????

gingerbread man said...

What nice changes. "Ew, I hate these songs" is so reactionary.

"Yuck, I dislike these songs!" is fare more thoughtful.

lodgepole said... whoever the f*ck, and nearly every Def Leppard song.

Andrew Bird said...

Richard, being we are the same age, we have the same history with music.

Hotel California. It makes me sleep. Boooooring song. Have always felt that way, like most of the drivel the Eagles produced in the 70s, when they were a megasuperstar band. The only Eagles song I like is Take it Easy:

"It's a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me."

The rest of the songs on your list, I actualy enjoy listening to, as I haven't heard them much at all in the past 30 years and they bring back memories. Hall and Oates and Boston were not among my favorites, so when I heard these two songs late on Sirius satellite radio I was groovin'.

The Joker and My Sharona just so define certain periods of my youth that I don't ever tire of listening to them.

The one band that I can't stand to hear now is Led Zepplin. For a stretch in 1975-76, it was about all I listened to. "And she's buyyying a stairway to heavennnn." Barf.

Every country song belongs on the worst song list, unless it's Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr. or Ray Price. One of my favorites has always been Price's For the Good Times.

Just about anything by Barry Manilow or Air Supply will cause me to scramble for the mute button.

What about Frampton? "Oh won't you show me the way..."

Carol said...

I think we just got tired of hearing the same songs over and over and over again, especially when they weren't good songs to begin with.

My least favorite groups:



Black Sabbath (although The Ozbornes were sometimes fun to watch on TV)


Ted Nugent

Kym said...

Maybe it's because I have teenagers but those songs sound great to me.

Please nothing more by Godsmack though.

Monica... Media Professional said...

"Welcome to Jamrock," by Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley pretty much just pisses me off. I didn't think it was great to begin with, then a certain radio station (which I may work for) played the living hell out of it.

And anything by Blue October. I have instituted a "no Blue October" rule on my show. *shivers* Whiny tough-guy music.

Oh, and anything Al Green. Even Boz Skaggs bugs me less than Al Green, these days.


Greg said...

Brahms puts me to sleep.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

I can't think of any songs that grate me like fingers on a chalk board more than anything by Journey. This was a recent development, as I recall they days when I was a kid enjoying their music. What happened?

On a funny note, I have a friend in Santa Rosa (area) that I send music cds to in an effort to broaden his music tastes. He has enjoyed most of what I have sent him (foo fighters, Toad the wet sprocket, fountains of wayne, even the smashing pumpkins) However, he had a HUGE problem with Silverchair. He went off on a rant not unlike Richard's here. I always laugh when I listen to Silverchair, and think of my friend.


Carson Park Ranger said...

"Every country song belongs on the worst song list, unless it's Johnny Cash..."

Jesus, Andrew, what about George Jones, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakum, et al?

I can't understand how my generation sat around in their muscle cars and listened to pre-digested crap like Styx, Kansas and Boston, and now they complain about how awful Country and rap are.

Tsk, tsk.

Carol said...

Hey, I like Styx.

EkoVox said...

Sorry, I'm not taking the whole music hating bait.

Twelve notes. That's all it is.
Used in different combinations with different tempos, tone and volume.

Those same twelve notes were used to compose Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart", Ravels' "Bolero", Bob Marleys' "Get Up Stand Up", Green Days' "American Idiot" and the theme to Sesame Steet.

But, those twelve notes hold incredible power to move entire societies, create social uprising and soothe sleeping babies.

Don't hate...relate!

Eric V. Kirk said...

I like Hotel California actually. Very elegant lyrics. Nice intro. Overplayed and I'm not a big Eagles fan, but I don't see why this one's on your list.

For me, the songs I can't stand are, well pretty much 90 percent of what's been released in the past 5 years and the following songs from my pre-teen/teen years - not including disco songs or I'd be here all day.

Billy don't be a hero
Convoy song
Silly Love Songs
Eye of the Tiger
Rock and Roll High School (movie included)
Wango Tango
Seasons in the Sun
Anything by Genesis

Anonymous said...

Benny and the Jets and Having my Baby have to be the worst.

samoasoftball said...

Eric-I love Genesis. And more when Peter Gabriel was lead singer.

Beachcomber-My wife can not stand "In the Ghetto."

Carol-Did you put Nugent on this list because he is Republican. And I like Styx too.

Andrew-Led Zeps Stairway may be the best song of all time!

Opps, better go to work now.

Carol said...

No, I didn't know Ted Nugent was a republican. I did attend one of his concerts many many years ago at the Oakland Colliseum with my headbanger ex-husband. The German group, Scorpians, played the song,"Your Just Another Piece of Meat." Nice song, huh? Well, Ted swung on stage on a Tarzan rope in a loin cloth with his guitar talking a mile a minute. I heard he kept his ranch stocked with exotic wild game that he likes to shoot, but I heard this many many years ago. I also saw the group Kansas, but the only song I liked was, "Dust in the Wind". The wild fiddle music gives me veritgo.

Now, I enjoyed seeing Ian Anderson perform with Jethro Tull. I saw the album, Stormwatch where the set was set up like a ship and the band was dressed up like pirates. At the finale of the set, Ian Was dancing around on the stage playing his flute and swinging a sword. At the final moment of the song he cut the rope to the mast and the whole stage exploded with lights and the set falling over. It was a spectacular sight!

I liked seeing Styx back then. I like the mellower sounds. Other concerts I enjoyed were David Bromberg, Blondie, and Dave Grisman.

I think the loud music of my youth did some damage to my hearing.

During my time working in the forestry, some of crew liked to blast AC/DC during our breaks. AC/DC is just awful!

Greg said...

Crimson and Clover. Over and Over and Over.

rick said...

Pooh, You may not like this. But have you heard the new one Bobby Plant and Alison Krauss just released. I think it might be country or western.

Carol said...

No, I have not heard that albulm, Rick, but I saw it at The Works. Is it any good?

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

. . . album or is it CD?

samoasoftball said...

Rick: I read a story on that duet in the SF Gate Datebook. It should be out by now? Kind of an odd couple.

samoasoftball said...

Anonymous said...

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