Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards out, Obama in.

I was at work today (16 hour shift mind you) and workers were asking me about Edwards dropping out, and who I was supporting. I thought they were messing with me.

(I listen to Mike and Mike on ESPN in the morning, and they did not say anything. They were focused on the Giants chances with the Patriots. Betting tip: Put $250 on the Giants to beat the 10 point spread. Send me $25 of your winnings for my next hot tip. Final score 33-27 Pats.)

I called Robin from work and she said it was true. Damn. Wow. So I told people I was supporting Obama. I just have problem with Hillary being on WalMart's board and supporting the funding of an illegal occupation of Iraq.

I hope unions will rally behind Obama in the near future.

Update: The Democratic Debate on CNN was good but didn't really change my mind.


Andrew Bird said...

It's been Obama for me from the start. I want the Senator who has been against the war from the beginning. I want radical change in the White House.

I will support Hillary if she wins the nomination, and I will faith in her to implement change.

But I think Obama will be bolder. I think he scares the hell out of the right. That's why he has my vote.

Andrew Bird said...

BTW....Edwards has a great deal of dignity and class. One can only hope he has a role to play in the new New Deal.

Anonymous said...

Richard are you forced to work those ungodly hours!!

Carol said...

I voted for Hillary (absentee).

Anonymous said...

16hrs Oh Richard, how do you do it. You must be such a stud!

samoasoftball said...

I volunteered to work 16 after my relief called off. My co worker Max Emery worked 32 out of 40 hours making coverage for call ins.

Shane said...

I want radical change in the White House.

If that's why you are supporting Obama, you are going to be terribly disappointed. He's better than Hillary, so I'm voting for him, but I certainly don't expect anything radical.