Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got the Phonebanking Blues. And other campaign nuts and bolts.

Robin's campaign for Northern Humboldt Union High School Board has been phone banking for awhile now. Tonight I had a list for Trinidad absentee voters. It was kind of weird. Lots of numbers the phone just rang and rang with no answer. Most of the time you will have a recording, fax machine or busy signal. And some of the people who did answer were not interested in talking. Most of the time I have more positive than bad. Today was not that great. I did calls for Bayside last week and the calls were positive. For anybody out there who have done phonebanking on a political campaign or a charity calling, you know what a thankless job this can be. But it needs to be done to get the message out.

What do you people out there feel would be a good starting lead in for a phone call for either a candidate or a charity? When we are calling we start with, "Hello my name is ____ and I am a volunteer for the Robin for Northern Humboldt Union High School Board. Have you heard of Robin?" The majority of people are positive. Some are not. "How did you get my phone number?" When you try to explain it is common knowledge through their voter registration, the conversation has usually gone south by then.

Robin's signs have been popping up around Northern Humboldt. We ordered them from "big daddy's" out of Florida. They are a union shop that does great work quickly. UNION SIGNS
Robin has been endorsed by most local labor organizations. Of course our household is staunch union advocates with Robin's father being a union mill worker, and her grandfather a past business representative for the union. We were raised and have benefited from being organized.

Robin has been taken out of her comfort zone in this campaign. For those of you who know her, she is a humble quite type who just so happens to be married to an extrovert. Phonebanking and Meet and Greets are really hard for her. She has had eyes on this position for years and has been waiting for the right time when incumbents were stepping down. She has nothing against the other candidates and did not want to campaign against anyone. But here we are.

I have known Dan Collen for years and I think he is a good guy. I also know Ross Miller. I have played Basketball against him for years and he also a good guy whom I have never had problems with. He is a local business person with a good Arcata Tiger athletic background. I have not met Greg Young.

I am hoping that the voters of Northern Humboldt will look at the information in their sample ballots and make an educated decision on their choice in this race. Robin has been a past school board member and president for 5 years and has worked in administration for a school district for years. I think her knowledge sets her apart from the other candidates. But I am prejudice of course. All this for a volunteer trustee position. Politics in Humboldt County are sure hard core nowadays.


Fred said...

You wrote,"It was kind of weird. Lots of numbers the phone just rang and rang with no answer.".

Indeed. I was actually shocked some years ago when I tried to call someone and the phone just kept ringing. I bumped into the guy later and told him I tried to call and then asked, "YOU DON'T HAVE AN ANSWERING MACHINE???".

How rude.

Funny. When answering machines first started becoming mainstream in the early '80s, I'd be really annoyed when I'd try to call someone and just get an answering machine. Now I get really annoyed if they don't have one.

gingerbread man said...

Humboldt politics have indeed become hard core. Reactionary organizations (Humboldt Taxpayers League, John Birch Society, most local churches) have reached a new level of nastiness about people who don't agree with them or live in their cultish bubbles. They are hard-headed, aggressive, and (mostly) wrong. Good luck to Robin. Has anyone in that race brought up the issue of unborn fetuses yet?

Rose said...

What planet are you living on, gingerbread man? The nastiness and dirty tricks have come from one camp in this county, and it ain't the right wing - Richard Marks knows exactly where it comes from as he was personally affected - targeted really - by it.

Who else has Union bugs on their signs, Richard?

Anonymous said...

In Russia, I am told, the people answer the phone if they want to. It isn't the same pressing need to rush to the phone like it is in America. So, they will let it ring and ring and ring.

And Rose, I agree with your comment. The majority of comments on the blogs are left leaning and sometimes very aggressive and many times pointed at the individual rather than a political opinion.

For the letters to the editors to ALL papers, it seems fairly balanced between opinions.

Go Robin!

samoasoftball said...

Rose: I think we are the only ones using union made signs this campaign. I made it an issue when I ran against Neely because she was endorsed by labor but I was the one with the union bug on my signs. And they had her sign hanging up at the labor temple! Her campaign then ordered signs with the bug.

ekovox-We may not be Russia, but Humboldt does have Socialistic tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Charles Olliviers signs have a union mark. Haven't seen any others yet. Haven't seen Robins signs, lots of Collens signs. Not a big sign year.

Anonymous said...

Rose I know you like to think Salzman is all that is evil and horrible in county politics, but the truth is both sides have their mud slingers.

Rose said...

Ahh, there's the rub. When is it mudslinging, and when is it just telling the truth about your opponent?

Politics is a bloody business. It's trial by fire, but what emerges should be hardened steel. The campaign trail prepares you for what comes next. If you can't take the slings and arrows during the campaign, you'll never be able to endure David Elsebusch's weekly attacks.

That being said, you have a right to expect HONEST debate, which is where Salzman and the Watergate burglars failed.

Anonymous said...

This poltical cycle has'nt been bad. Most likely because Salzman has been working so hard at his new pastime, Blowing Glass!Phones that ring and ring are most likely folks who choose not to utilize the call waiting fature, they are there, let it ring 10 times, if no answer or machine, hang up , mark it and call back later and when they do respond start out nice by saying we tried to call earlier but you were busy, is this a better time ? Then ask them. do you support the Recall of Larry Glass?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh. A Rose by any other name still thinks the same.

Anonymous said...

What is with the Salzman obsession? Have you ever met him? Criminal mastermind I think not. Man desperate for attention? yes. Give it up Rose!

Anonymous said...

Rose is not alone!

Anonymous said...

Met him, smelled him,loath him!

Rose said...

Funny. I'm the only one who actually like the guy. Just don't like the tactics.

Anonymous said...

That's because you are sooo similar.