Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weaverville softball. By Marks!

Ray Wolfe Construction Wins Tournament

Weaverville, Ca-Tournament most Valuable Player Matt Socha hit 2 home runs and scored 4 runs in leading Ray Wolfe Construction of Arcata to a 18-6 victory over R-CO Builders of Eureka in the championship game of the July 4th Celebration Weaverville Invitational Tournament on July 1st 2007. Line Drive from Fortuna garnered 3rd place and Trinity Softball finished 4th.

Clint Crane of Mt. Thunder from Redding won the Home Run contest, hitting 6 out of 10 pitches out of the park.

HSU alumni quarterback Jacob Kadle was named Most Valuable Pitcher. Other Tournament selections were, Bobby John Davis and Wes Winn from Trinity Softball, Mike Johnson and Ira Martin of Line Drive, Eric Younger, Byron Gardner and Steve Fusi of R-CO Builders and Dan Nord, Jared Harpe and Dan Sutherlamd of Ray Wolfe Construction.
I sent these results to both local newspapers. It was a great fun for everyone. Weaverville does all it can to make it all entertaining. Street Dance, Rodeo, Demolition Derby, Fair, Arm Wrestling, Horseshoe Pitching on and in the sun.
I want to personally thank Kelly Jackson, the Director of the Weaverville Douglas City Parks and Recreation for her help in coordinating the Memorial and 4th of July Softball tournaments. I would not be able to direct these tournaments without her help.


Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a shit about your softball.

samoasoftball said...

Ouch! Most of my crowd do. My buddies care. This started out as a softball blog. For informational purposes.

Anonymous said...

It may have started out as a softball blog, but it has evolved into a political blog due to your insane and unrealistic desire to become a paid public servant. Also, I doubt that very many of your softball buddies even visit this web site. Most of them probably know how to play video games but whether they actually know how to operate a computer is questionable.

Wes Chesbro said...

You throw like a girl.

samoasoftball said...

I have seen some girls who throw pretty hard. That might be a compliment in some cases. There are girls who probably hit better too. I play for fun mostly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your softball info. Ignore the idiots! Baseball has always been my favorite sport. One of the great loves of my life played for the Humboldt Crabs. RIP TC!