Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Health scare. Denial is not good prevention.

I played softball last weekend in Weaverville and felt kind of weak. Usually I perk up in the heat but I was tired. I had some business to do in Redding and still did not feel right. My left arm was tingly like it was falling asleep. Robin was shopping in a store with one of those blood pressure machines so I checked mine. 172/110 with a pulse of 95! My resting pulse is usually around 60. I made the mistake of telling Robin, and off we were to Mercy Medical Center. When I checked into emergency my Blood Pressure was 192/112 or there abouts. Kind of making me nervous. They put me on a EKG machine and did blood work. My heart was fine. It turns out my blood sugar was at 260. (I am diabetic.) They gave me drugs and sent me on my way. I drove home just in time for my game in Arcata. I played rotten and we lost. Just a bad day. Guess I will have to find a regular physician.

I do not like to go to the doctor. In 1990 I went in for chest cold at Eureka Family Practice and came out of the doctor's office with a diagnosis of needing a heart transplant! I had to have a battery of tests done and scared the daylights out me. In my 30's playing basketball all the time with 2 young children. Of course I did not have to have a new heart. I have an enlarged heart and a leaking heart valve. Some day they may have to cut me open, but yesterday was not the day. Tra-la-la-la live for today!


Anonymous said...

Good for you to have such a positive view on your own mortality Richard, most men your age don't have such equanimity.

Has this sudden view on your mortality made you any more willing to break with the same old boring politics of the Central Committee, or do you want to be remembered for being more than just another one of those pack of hacks?

rick said...

Hay Pooh you better start listing to your wonderful wife. You just about rang the bell on that one. Remember you just joined that big club. I had to give up my favorite. Donuts, you rember who help me start that routine right.

Anonymous said...

I left another package for you Richard that will get your blood pressure up. Just don't put your hardhat on if you know whats good for you.

coworker X

Anonymous said...

Gald you're OK for now Richard. Go out and fill your body with some more cheap disgusting food full of fat and cholesterol like you usually do and tell us how you feel after your meal.

Anonymous said...

Richard - pay attention to your wife. I am glad you are ok now and what the hell is up with 4:09 - is this person a cyberstalker. Sounds like 4:09 needs serious psychotropic meds.

You may want to call the cops regarding 4:09 - he/she's out there.

samoasoftball said...

4:48pm I have a great crew of co-workers. No worries there.

Rick-Oh, how I do remember the old Myrtletown Bakery. And Verla's Pizza! And riding motorcycles across from the school. Fishing the old dock behind KINS. Hunting ducks at the old log pond at the end of Park St.

Taking out your dads 283 out of his work truck so old #121 could race his 57' Chevy at the acres in front of thousands of rowdy fans during the weekends.

Table Pool at Armstrongs place. Neighborhood Football and baseball games! The Braud's opening their home swimming pool with a white flag for all to come!

Working as Carneys during the Redwood Acres Fair! Horseshoeing against future World Champion horseshoe and PBA Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams! Boy Scout Camp outs. Invites to cabins in Willow Creek by Myrtletown families.

Man! I had a great childhood. Would not trade that for anything!

Carol said...

Richard, take care of yourself and do listen to Robin. We go to Eureka Family Practice and are happy with our nurse practioner. When you get to be our age, Richard, we have to take responsibility for our own health. Please take care.

Anonymous said...

Just POOP it out!!! I,m glad your O.K. and yes you need to listen to Robin. NOW lets talk poop!!!BUB

Jennifer Savage said...

Please take care of yourself, Richard! And listen to your wife! :)
And happy belated birthday, too.

samoasoftball said...

Carol-Who is the Nurse practioner you see?

Jennifer-My wife is very patient with me. I can be obstinate or pig headed at times.

Fred said...

I go to North Coast Family Practice. Recently, much of their staff has moved to Eureka Family Practice, I believe.

Hate it when that happens.

So, I go in the other day to renew my prescriptions and had to actually see a doctor- a new guy.

Always sucks doing that, but he was quite the character. Funny guy.

Anonymous said...

Fred don't lie. We all know Fred Mangels goes to Sempervirens for his meds.

Anonymous said...

Where does Rob Arkley go for his meds? Rush Limbaugh's maid?