Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well. There you go! Predictions. By Marks!

I think my sources for the Eureka Council races were as close as you can get. I said Larry Glass would win by 4% and he won by 5%. I went on record that Mike Jones would win by 8% and won by 5%. I was off saying Ron Kuhnel would win by 2%. Jeff Leonard actually won by 1%. So I was within 3% on each of the races. Who else came that close? Nobody. My predictions for Arcata were driven by HSU polling and I had no real concrete pollsters doing that race. Alex Stillman and Dave Meserve were my picks and hopes. Mark Wheetley beat Dave by 5%. Hey, what can I say, I am more in tune with Eureka politics. And now we sit and what to see who Virginia Bass (My pick for Mayor obviously) will try to appoint to the Eureka City Council from the 2nd Ward. I would assume that person would have to be as moderate as they come to have a split Council accept any of Virginia's nominees. The fun is not over, it is just beginning!


shults_watch said...
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Anonymous said...

but in this case, can she vote to break the tie?

Anonymous said...

I think so. I predict that she will further deepen the divide in the community. Jones, Leonard, and Bass win. This election was a victory for bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Oh please...

This election was NOT about bigotry, it was about people seeing that the City Council chambers are the proper venue from which to conduct CITY business, not those that are Federal and State issues.

But, you never know...the election isnt over yet, your slate could win.

Anonymous said...

And nationally, we can all look forward to the Newly Democratic House of Representatives selling out the country on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Being a Democrat isn't as much fun as it used to be.

mresquan said...

3:09,Are you suggesting that we go back to the good ole days of slavery?

Anonymous said...

gackk wtf does that mean Mark?

Repubs ENDED slavery

Anonymous said...

"This election was a victory for bigotry."

Perhaps we could bring in other resolutions to the city council too. Like impeaching the president. Let's see, two more years....that's enough time for Dave Meserve to relocate to Eureka. Oh,wait....only 6 weeks is needed?

samoasoftball said...

Hey, no slander stuff on my Blog ok? My children check this out!

Anonymous said...

mresquan said...
3:09,Are you suggesting that we go back to the good ole days of slavery?

4:34 PM

This is not the first time, and I presume it will not be the last time, that you have deliberately tried to bait me with unclever hidden implications of racism.

You are barking up the wrong tree, Fido.

I love all God's children. But I don't care very much for criminals and cruel people. Or for people who say I am a racist, all the while knowing good-and-well that I am not.

Anonymous said...

What's this talk about "bigoty" and "slavery" ? Some of you are soo twisted you see conspiracies and the boogie man everywhere.

Where do you come up with this stuff? Is it drain bamage or too much 215 medicine ?

Eric V. Kirk said...

Repubs ENDED slavery

Liberal Republicans. A nearly extinct species.

Anonymous said...

Many of the ones on the left were actually called "radical republicans." They went on to become New Deal Democrats and Socialists.

Eric V. Kirk said...

anon 7:21 - well, I'm sure there were abolitionists who became ND Democrats, but they would have been pretty far up in age.

However, you've got the timing right. 1932 made the Democrats the "liberal" party. Before that they were an odd mix, and perhaps not as liberal as the Republicans. As late as 1928, the majority of black voters were Republican - in the company of pols like Robert LaFollette who is considered by some to have been "the first modern liberal."

The reallignment of 1932 is a fascinating study. Mencken was there to watch it. I posted something about it here.

Anonymous said...