Sunday, November 12, 2006

No where to shop on the Peninsula!

The Manila Market is now boarded up and closed for business. That means that for the first time in probably over a century, there is no market here on the peninsula. When Robin and I moved out here over 25 years ago, there were three markets two gas stations, two bars and probably less people than are out there now. (Around 2,000) So what gives? The Samoa Store was still viable and making money to the end of their lease. Bob's Manila Market was frequented by most in the early 90's. Manila Market had the most reliable clientele I think. But now we have nothing. Seems to me that this might be a good opportunity for someone.


Anonymous said...

It's the way of the world. There must not have been enough business out there to hold the owners in place. Bread and milk and beer and cigarettes doesn't always justify the long hours and open every day. Having no neighborhood market is a sad loss. I doubt it will be replaced, except by a resident who wants to take a stab at it. I'm surprised most of the mom and pops are making it at all. The gas stations have taken over. That's what happend to Stanton's market in Myrtletowne. The gas stations offered all of the instant amenities and Stanton's couldn't compete with Norris market (Myrtle Ave Mkt) so they had to let it go. And it was last run by a young couple trying to make a go of it.

Ok here goes. Stanton Market. Both in Myrtletown and Park grocery on Hodgeson. Cannams, Huntoon and H, by the High School. Fifth and L Market. Larger yes, but still a neighborhood store. I guess there are still quite a few mom and pops. A lot of the new residents to Humboldt COunty are running them. And you can see the whole family working from sun up to way late into the evening. Handee Market...Fairway Market...C&V Market...Del Partos..or 4th street Market in Arcata, Hutchin's in Northtown............sorry, just nostalgic I guess.

And what about the burger stands. Arcata Burger Bar. L&M Drive In. Maggies Hamburgers. All gone.
Pam's, Deb's, Stanton's Red Barn and Little Red Barn...

The history of a place.

samoasoftball said...

I shopped for years at Stanton's in Myrtletown. Bought the Chronicle for sports. (When I was a teenager) OH's Hamburger King on Harris! Wow, what burgers and onion rings! L&M had the greatest subs! I loved the fake fries from the old A&W on Harris. One of my favorite fries were from Lazio's right on the dock while fishing! Shang Hai Low is irreplaceable ...But let me tell you, the Hot Dogs were killer at Manila Market. No more.

mrsb814 said...

The senior food program realy cut into their business too. There won't be a store soon-its planned for demolition.

mresquan said...

Great Richard,Arkley saw that post and is going to try to put a Walmart on his property now.

Anonymous said...

What is so great about the penninsula? Its moldy and scary looking. Every 200 years or so, a big wave comes and smoothes it out. That was a scary looking market! I go out there and all I hear is a banjo playing and some pigs grunting (I think they were pigs...)

Fred said...

Rich wrote, "I loved the fake fries from the old A&W on Harris.".

I don't remember an A&W on Harris. There was an A&W on Myrtle and West in Eureka, where that Mexican food place is now.

Best tacos I ever had in my life came from that A&W. It must have been a local thing, too, as I went to an A&W in Cloverdale(?) after the one in Eureka shut down and asked for tacos. They had no idea what I was talking about and they'd never heard of A&W offering tacos.

Fred said...

5:50 wrote, "It's the way of the world.".

Or maybe just the thought of a big box coming to Eureka scared these businesses into closing?

samoasoftball said...

Fred. You are right. A&W was on myrtle where the Blockbuster is and then moved to where the Mexican place is now. It used to be O'neals after A&W. Opps, just had Harris on my mind. Must have been the onion rings at OH's.

Anonymous said...

Ok, not a burger stand.....but The Feedbag next to KVIQ on Broadway with the neon donkey sign.

RMostranski said...

hey the other Richard. Yes, what a sad day for the last market to close down in our area. Now we have to drive to Arcata to get something or to the high priced health food stores in Eureka. Heck, better get all our grub before we get home and if we run out of beer, well---were out of beer. Maybe Richard we could start a road side store just selling eggs, milk, cheese, cigs,beer, and other basics---we could call it
"Two Richards Market"!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I heard there is a new owner in the works.

Anonymous said...

What? The Works has a new owner? I guess the city council pays more than I thought?

Anonymous said...

Most of the people in Manilla now don't waste their money buying milk, bread, and beer.... it's all meth. The local Manilla meth dealers aren't going out of business!!!

RMostranski said...

7:28, Do not bad mouth my town. You do not live here and what you hear is--well, what you, have some kindness and do not judge the book by its cover!!

Anonymous said...

8:20, youre a little sensitive. Everyone knows all you sand bar dwellers are tweakers. Why are you so defensive? While the rest of the nation may laugh at humboldt county, humboldt county laughs at the sand bar dwellers! Youre known for trailers, hidden buildings in dunes, and old abandoned factories. Sounds like a tweakers dream!

Anonymous said...

I probably should say 8:41PM is being rude and insensitive but, he's right! Manilla is an armpit. A stinky armpit.

samoasoftball said...

Why are people dissing the fair Manila-bu community. You start com'n after Slum-oa I start taking issue.

Anonymous said...

Sand bar dwellers... fucking sand bar dwellers...

Anonymous said...