Monday, November 20, 2006

Man I love softball still!

Softball is like a ever evolving soap opera with twists and turns you never expect. On Saturday we were up against 22 top notch teams in our division. The weather was warm and sunny! We played a Round Robin portion to find placement in a single elimination bracket. We had a first round bye because of our placing 6th out of the 22. We were then upset 19-18 in the bottom of the 7th and eliminated at around 8pm Saturday. I had a chance to see many buddies I may not see until next spring so it was a great time. People were from all over the west coast. We then played a new tournament starting a 8am Sunday morning against 16 teams. We were beat up a bit and lost to team "Battitude" who have the expensive uniforms and big time players. But we managed to win our next 4 games and needed only one victory more for a trip to the championship. But we were brought down to earth hard by team WSC out of Santa Rosa and ended up tied for 3rd. Oh well. There's always next tournament!