Saturday, November 04, 2006

Arts Alive! Three days to go!

My wife and I went with friends to Arts Alive this Nov. 4th in old town. We saw tons of people. Robin and I continued our search for an art piece for our home that we feels personifies the North Coast. We agreed on three pieces at the 1st St Gallery just off the Gazebo. Two of them were NFS (Not For Sale) and the other was $5,000. Since we are middle class working Democrats, we will have to wait for the prints! My wife saw a piece at Flemmings Gallery for $650, but I was just not in agreement. I am more into bright colors with sharp contrasts (Jeff Jordan, Machado, Flatmo) and my wife is into more toned down acrylics. Our Quest continues. We saw Virginia Bass and Jeff Leonard on the Gazebo and of course Bonnie Neely. Bonnie was working a constant crowd around her even after 9pm. I did not see Nancy Flemming, but I am sure she was around. No Mike Jones anywhere? Jerry Droz? Tish Wilburne? Mary Beth Wolford? I said hi to Larry Glass who was sitting with Ron Kuhnel. Ron offered me food! Nan Abrams and Peter LaVallee were near by. One thing I noticed in common about all candidates? They all looked relieved that it was almost done. My hat is off to all for their time, effort and commitment to make our County a better place to live through public service! It is a thankless job and I hope that all candidates intentions are honorable! It was good evening. The weather was great!


Anonymous said...

That would be nice if all these people were running for public office our of some sort of public commitment! It's not true, but it would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth was at the gazebo early on.

Anonymous said...

Nayr Beths fot a phone bank! All of a sudden 'she's calling' - never mind that the phone ID says "SECURTY NATIONAL" she like Bass isn't bought by the guy who's Rob'in Eureka

Greg said...

Greg's List: 13 Lucky Choices - Our Election Poll

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm glad we stayed home, the election energy is not always good-better to wait until the firestorm has passed.

I hope there is a good turnout at the polls-at least if the candidates I vote for do not win, I will feel releived that it was a majority of registered voters who selected the winners.

It certainly feels like some people have done their best to turn people off to having a say by voting. Hope to be proven wrong!

RMostranski said...

Hey the other Richard, sorry I missed you last night. We were walking in Old Town and talking to all the 4th District voters. Boy, lots of people coming up to Nancy and saying that we need you to win, that we need a change in direction for the 4th District and Humboldt County. I even heard through the grape vine that we are now even with Neely, and slowly pulling ahead to VICTORY!!

It was just a wonderful night with an estimate of over 200 voters visiting our campaign headquarters and supporting Nancy. And from what I hear Richard---that you also support Nancy and will be voting for her on election night.
Thank you Richard---it is indeed a time for a change and new leadership in the 4th District. Come visit me on election night and we will rejoice this new beginning!!

Hank Sims said...

I am more into bright colors with sharp contrasts (Jeff Jordan, Machado, Flatmo) and my wife is into more toned down acrylics.

Sounds like my house! My favorite artist in the county is your up-the-road neighbor, Joy Dellas.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like a pagan ritual full of demon worshippers! You tell me this, which of these candidates oogling pictures of naked women and infants was telling these pagans to get right with the Lord?? Oh, None of them! Thats because we have preverts looking at the latest pastel pornography instead of repenting and saving others from eternal damnation! A mighty snake will unearth itself from the depths of the bay! Its mission will be to snatch up all these pornographies from old town and expell them to the deep! You have been warned! Spend the night praying instead of paying!

samoasoftball said...

7:34-Calm down! The two pieces we liked by Jordan were acrylic on wood. One called the "Deluge" which has fish and no naked women. The other was also an acrylic called "Dreamer" again no naked women. The softer pastel at Flemmings was a sunset over water. No naked bodies. So get your mind out of that Old Town gutter!

samoasoftball said...

Hank: I know Joy, I will have to get in touch. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...