Saturday, October 28, 2006

Traffic Alert!

Be careful driving over 299 between here and Redding. Byron Boyd Trucking has lost 5 trucks this last year due to accidents. One of them they had a truck turn a corner to fast and flipped the truck and trailer on top of a passenger truck going to the other direction. The little truck stood no chance. Speaking of bad traffic situation, they need to have a CHP park on the corner of 3rd and R street in Eureka and stop all the people who illegally and unsafely pass people approaching the Samoa Bridge. I am sure there are other areas that need attention in Humboldt County, but these are my areas of concern right now.


kris said...

5 trucks! wow thats a lot in one year. hope they have good insurance. bad driving areas in Humboldt, how about every f@#*ing round about in Arcata, they need to teach people how to use them every one always stops when their in the circle.

samoasoftball said...

The one in the Valley West area has made traffic worse! Who planned that. The one near the Highway Patrol to get to the Health Sport complex and the little league field is pretty nice. I remember how the traffic was there before. Seems to flow better now.

kris said...

the trafic flows better only when everyone know how to use them, i always see usally elder people in the circle and thay stop for the other traffic, when the other traffic is yiellding to them, the idea is ok but only 1/2 the people know how to use them