Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foresters vs Panthers....oh my!

Two undefeated teams duked it out in football in Pop Warner double "A" at a packed Cutten field. The two teams fought hard and were tied at half time at 0-0. Alex Puzz had thrown a ball in the end zone that came up just short for the McKinleyville Panthers right before the break. The Panthers were smaller and used a passing attack, which is unusual at that age. Alex was running for his life most of the time trying to avoid the bigger and faster Eureka players. The Eureka Foresters were using good old power running. The Foresters coach Jr Bean's son went down with a neck injury due to a face mask in the second half that caused an intermission to take precaution and ambulance him away to the hospital. The teams ended regulation at 6-6 tie and so here came overtime! The Forester's had the ball first form the 10? and they scored on 4th down. The Panther's had a chance to tie and drove the ball to the 1 foot line on the forth down. They ran for it and came just short for the potential tie! What a game. Late in the game the Forester's fans were yelling "Offense" while the Panther cheerleaders (Must have been 20 of em) yelled back "Defense" it was great local sportsmanship. Kudos for Rex Bohn and his crew for letting the kids of Humboldt County use this facility for football! There were hundreds out there enjoying the best of Humboldt County weather. And what would be a better venue for our youth? And parents and relatives.


Anonymous said...

I understand that the McK QB is now OK, with a very sore neck, after a frightful period of time on the ground and then an ambulance ride to the hospital.

samoasoftball said...

The Mck QB was Alex Puzz. He was chased all day! He is all right. It was the Junior Bean's kid from the Eureka team that has a sprained neck and will be out a few games. But watch out for him in the playoffs! It was a great emotional game for both though. Rex Bohn's observation after the ambulance left, the hitting became less aggressive. No wonder!