Sunday, July 30, 2006

We were on Fire!

Almost literally. The Mountain bash Tournament was real close to a fire that had Weaverville evacuating their hospital, people advantaging their homes, and the landmark Diggin's saloon burning down. There must have been hundreds of firefighters in really trying circumstances. Hot smokey winds of nearly 50 miles an hour swept through the surrounding mountains leaving the sun as only an orange silhouette. (Lots of the same area that burned a few years ago! What is nature trying to tell us?) Ash was falling on us near camp James Hill Trucking at Lowden park. It made for a weird scenario, do we quit playing and evacuate (which we could not since 299 was closed both ways), or just ignore or forget the danger and play. Tournament director Jessie Para was worried but made the decision to play on as most players of the ten team tournament were stuck there anyways. Good call to keep playing Jessie, great ball. The gutsy James Hill Trucking Softball Club from Eureka beat the Matrix of Redding 18-17 in 8 innings as Joey Couch scored on a single from Ted Canfield with one out to come away with their first Mountain Bash Championship. Ted (45) and I were the oldest players (I am pretty sure) on the field (Well, except for Perry Price our player/coach) Ted and I ended up on base a combined 28-36 or 14 for 18 a piece. Ted was selected a well deserved MVP for the tournament for garnering 2 game ending winning RBI's in the tournament. Our infield position players were very young. Joey Couch 3B(19) Cameron Reed 2B (19) Justin Moore ss (24) and Todd Canfield (21) But they played great! And all for a shirt? Yee! Jason Mullaney pitched very well for JHT. The JHT team also played a very volatile Horse Shoe tournament. The outcome is still in dispute. Timo and I were 3-1 against runner up 2-1 Hana Borden and Toye Johnson. I actually competed with the late 1960's early 1970's World Horse Shoe Champion Walter Ray Williams Jr. in Eureka while a teenager. Walter later became a Professional Bowlers Tour Champion. Walter at one time when he was not even 10 was able to to ring over 80% and was on the Johnny Carson show. I think in competition I was recorded for 33% ringers in the Times Standard in 1969. I thought that was good! Not compared to Walter Ray!

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