Saturday, July 22, 2006

Eureka vs Arcata softball fields

Arcata wins this contest easily for their Arcata Sports Complex. The outfield grass is green and well cared for and the infields in Arcata are definitely better with break away bags and great lighting. Of course the fields are newer, but they do lack bathrooms. Eureka has 4 pretty good field that are just not well cared for. It is frustrating to play on dirt/dust/clay that has not been allowed to settle in the infield, and the grass is always a mess. Maybe they should call Arcata to see what they do with their grass. They do have bathrooms and scorers booths at the Hartman/Kennedy fields. Coopers Gulch has bathrooms but also has a nasty mosquito problem.


Kris said...

Arcata also chargers, much more $ to use their fields, and Arcata does not have a "city league". only mad river softball wich is bacicly kozak

Anonymous said...

That is true, to play in Arcata is nearly twice the price of Eureka.