Thursday, July 20, 2006

Times Standard starts swinging from the left!

The TS has now brought on new weekly contributor David (No not Ty) Cobb. This will be a good counter balance of the ER conservative slanted opinions. I sure hope David brings controversy with his candor and enlightens both fields of issues and not just rhetoric. We need hard hitting facts not just Democrat/Republican slanted "lob balled" canned/copied/plagerized/borrowed party line agendas. I hope he is going to bring his "A" game to the park each week and go for the fences. I look forward to his fielding hot topic Humboldt County issues.


Anonymous said...

Oh great, just what we need-- another flaming communist liberal in the Times-Substandard.

It's almost as if Winkler is intentionally trying to destroy whatever credibility the paper ever had.

Cobb's hate of the Arkley's success would be laughable,except too many idiots actually swallow his dribble.

Richard, you were begining to walk a resonable, middle ground. But if you lay down with a dog like Cobb you will get infested with his communistic fleas.

samoasoftball said...

7:52-No matter what your feelings are, I bet you read David's column. I like to be well informed and make my final decisions based on what I weed out of all information. David Cobb has always been nothing but straight forward to me even when I did not like what he was saying. I can't say that about some in my own Democratic party. So yes, I will read and enjoy his writing. A Marx getting infested with communist fleas? Funny. Hand me the advantage please! Before it is too late! I am more worried about the mosquitos at Coopers Gulch during softball!

Anonymous said...

Richard ...

The problem with Cobb's column is that it is filled with errors and half truths. I disagree with Leo Sears more often than I agree with what he says in his TS column, but at least Leo makes an attempt to justify his positions and will admit if he got the facts wrong.

Cobb says, for instance, that the Balloon Tract is currently zoned public, which, in his words, basically (means) any development must benefit everyone and that a change to other land use designation would mean it could be developed for private gain without regard for the public's wishes.

This is simply untrue. Unless we want to put a cemetery, jail, city hall, or government maintenance yard there, the city will have to change the zoning.

Simply repeating lies and half truths do not turn them into truths.

Chris Crawford

Anonymous said...

you also shouldnt make the mistake that cobb somehow represents the green party when hes done more to destroy its independence, democracy and capacity for action than anyone else in this country ever.











samoasoftball said...

Chris: Again. I like the idea of taking all information from each side and then come to my own conclusion.

8:11-Yes I am familiar with what happened in the Green Party Presidential race. You do realize that this type of electioneering even happens on a smaller scale locally. David was one of the only local people who let me know where I stood before and during my run for Supervisor. Did I like what he told me? No. But I respect him for being forward. I will read his column weekly and I am sure you will too.

Anonymous said...

If David Cobb was such a strong supporter of you Richard, then why is his name and those of his drones like Kaitlin, Hannah, Ryan, etc. etc. entirely missing from your endorser list? Where is Democracy Unlimited? That's right, they're too busy sucking up to Bonnie Neely.

samoasoftball said...

David did not endorse me. I never said he was strong supporter and neither did he. Where are you getting this information?

Anonymous said...

David did not endorse me

My point exactly. He's just another obedient servant of Loco Solutions. I thought you and Shane were trying to break free of their clutches.

Anonymous said...

You bet this dirty politics is not limited to David Cobb's theft of the Green nomination for President from Nader/Camejo. The Democracy Unlimited cult also undermines local Green candidates like ones running for Arcata City Council.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Cobb's a good writer, whether you agree with him or not. And he outplayed an old pro in Ralph Nader, which takes some knowhow. I'm not a big fan of the Green Party these days, but I look forward to reading his columns.

Anonymous said...

Nader bested Cobb by several hundred thousand votes, to say otherwise contradicts reality.