Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mckinleyville Tournament

The Parks and Recreation of Mckeinleyville hosted a groundbreaking men's softball tournament today. The new Hiller complex is nice, but still has much work ahead. The dugouts are very nice with lots of space, and the outfield grass is in decent shape. There needs to be permenant outfield fencing. Hopefully that is going to happen in the near future.

The tournament was a single elimination gig with a 0-2 count going into the at bat. Who ever thought this up has not played or held many tournaments. We (James Hill Trucking softball club) had information that only wood bats were allowed. Well what a surprise when we showed up and found out metal bats were allowed and we did not have very many metal bats. That puts you at a huge disadvantage right away. We ended up in 3rd place in the 8 team field. Farfrumpuken beat Red and White 18-3 for the championship. Everyone seemed to have fun and that is good.

I hosted the James Hill Trucking Weaverville Invitational last weekend. Eleven teams from all over Northern Califonia participated. Team Gold of Sacramento won the tournament for the 6 time in the last 8 years. Ray Wolfe Construction of Arcata placed second with The Drink of Garberville taking third and AOG from Ukiah fourth. It was hot and great ball was played. If you are wondering why I was holding the tournament, I was contacted years back by the Weaverville Parks and Recreation department and asked if I could take over the event. I have held probably over 100 softball tournaments and so I told them I would as a fund raiser helper for their fireworks display. It is alot of work, but the softball players seem to appreciate the tournament. We have teams that will play in front of thousands right before the fireworks. It is probably the biggest crowds for any softball event in the west. The teams are very high caliber and so a good show is on for the locals and visitors.

So far the teams that have I played for are 26-12 winning 2 tournaments and placing third in one. Not too bad. Next year I am elgible for senior league!


Jack said...

Most of the outfields at the Hiller Sports Complex are intended to serve a dual purpose. When baseball or softball games are underway, they're outfields. But when soccer clubs use the fields, they become part of the soccer fields.

That's why the outfield fencing is temporary. If they were permanent, the soccer fields would be unusable for an obvious reason – they would be partially blocked by fences.

Out of curiosity, do the temporary fences create a problem? Are they inadequate? Could they be improved? Or is it a minor inconvenience?

samoasoftball said...

I guess I would say it is a minor inconvenience. I have witnessed injuries caused from temporary fences where guys run into them and are hurt in Arcata. I think the needs of the local children should be of the utmost importance. But I am happy to see that Mckinleyville maybe expanding to adult softball! The more the better.