Sunday, May 03, 2020

No Buffets? Now that is the last straw! Or piece of pizza if you will. Best past Eureka buffets.

No Buffets! You have got to be kidding me! What am I supposed to look forward to in the future. No softball. No hoops. No gathering of buddies and now this? I hate you COVID-19! Here are my favorite past Eureka buffets. It was good knowing ya!

1. Hometown Buffet-Oh I knew ye well. Stack that meatloaf on the potatoes and fish! Go back just one more time! 

2. Jalisco's-If you never had a chance to go there, you were missing the best quantity of Mexican food around! 

3. Kings Table-My son Jordan would grab his favorite Jello food group color only, but it didn't matter! Cheap grub and lots of it!

4. Angelo's Pizza-Say it aint so Angelo's! Just one more wing before I go hit up the cinnamon rolls!

5. Yin Cheng-Long gone but not forgotten.

6. Round Table-Even if I have to endure the heartburn afterward. It was worth it! 

7. Red Lion Sundays-I think it was the only time that anyone went to their restaurant. 

8. Sizzler-May not have been that great, but lots of it!

9. Kentucky Fried Chicken-You mean I could have the Crispy and the original? And any amounts of gravy and biscuits? Bring it back! Bring it Back!

10. Sweetriver Saloon-This was high living for us Marks family. No jello here Jordan! Go for the solid food! Pile it on Jake! You mean they will make my omelet to order? Whoa. Heaven on earth! 

Which on was your favorite? 


King Ralph said...

Oriental Buffet.

sam said...

When Kings Table became Captain's Table the quality went down hill.