Monday, May 11, 2020

When will Adult Softballers take the field? Seniors?

Softball Guys:

Here is what is happening with a little luck and hope around us in the softball world in Northern California:

Fortuna: Starting middle of July if allowed.

Eureka: No adult softball league in 2020. Canceled season!

Blue Lake: Canceled until further notice. 

McKinleyville: Mid August start for CO-ED if allowed. 

Arcata: Closed until further notice. League is doubtful. 

Samoa: Field is unplayable until Pine Tree rounds and wood removed. The Samoa Fire Department will be removing the wood for Samoa residents in phases. I will be doing some of the hauling to needy residents. The field will need lots of elbow grease but will be in the best shape ever thanks to Tom Marking! League in July I feel in the earliest.

Crescent City: They plan on playing league in early July if restrictions lifted.

Medford: US Cellular will be opened when the appropriate phase lifting their ban. Oregon Governor Kate Brown says at least until September! 

Now including Senior reality check: 

It looks like our senior softball league is going to be phased in at the 4th stage. We are just entering the 2nd phase and there are many bumps and bruises along that way. 

Phase 3 will allow church and other social distancing events that are not athletic. I will predict that this phase will start in about a month from now. Note that many of these phases have medical monitoring associated that will affect the timelines.

Phase 4 is basically back to real life and the allowed competitive athletics portion. This will probably not happen until the fall I am afraid.  


Unknown said...

Considering the Senior Softball players are the perfect target age for the virus I suggest we use extreme caution about starting the league too soon. It is one thing to "Retire" but it is quite another to "Expire." We should not be hasty. If we have to take a year off, well, then we take a year off.

samoasoftball said...

Rather "Retire than Expire!" Nice.

Unknown said...

That does have a nice ring to it now that I see it. "Rather Retire than Expire." We should get that printed on our jerseys!!!! Ming the Merciless sends....I didn't know my message was going to go out as "Unknown." Thanks for the updates. I contacted my Mad River teammates with your info. Regards...stay healthy!