Sunday, May 10, 2020

Updated Humboldt COVID Chart Simplified.

Here is the updated chart for Humboldt COVID cases and here are some facts:

1. By Month there was: 1 recorded case in February, 20 in March, 33 in April, 3 in May.

2. Out of the 57 total 54 have recovered, 3 are active and 5 had to hospitalized.

3. There have been 3,043 Humboldt Residents tested. 2.24% of the Population. Public health has tested 1,190 and other lab tests accounted for 1,053.

4. Out of the 3,043 tested, a total of 1.87% were positive. They were traced to 20 by Travel, 24 contacted by people with virus, 11 Community contact and 2 under Investigation.

Let us hope we keep the numbers minimal through these phased return process.

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Cappy said...

Let's wait for a vaccine. Memorial services can be a real drag.