Wednesday, May 27, 2020

And now Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Siskiyou get an Extreme Drought to deal with?

What it means to us in Northern California:

Livestock need expensive supplemental feed, cattle and horses are sold; producers find it difficult to maintain organic meat requirements

Fruit trees bud early; producers begin irrigating in the winter

Federal water is not adequate to meet irrigation contracts; extracting supplemental groundwater is expensive

Dairy operations close

Marijuana growers illegally tap water out of rivers

Fire season lasts year-round; fires occur in typically wet parts of state; burn bans are implemented

Ski and rafting business is low, mountain communities suffer

Orchard removal and well drilling company business increase; panning for gold increases

Low river levels impede fish migration and cause lower survival rates

Wildlife encroach on developed areas; little native food and water is available for bears, which hibernate less

Water sanitation is a concern, reservoir levels drop significantly, surface water nearly dry, flows are very low; water theft occurs

Wells and aquifer levels decrease; homeowners drill new wells

Water conservation rebate programs increase; water use restrictions are implemented; water transfers increase

Water is inadequate for agriculture, wildlife, and urban needs; reservoirs are extremely low; hydropower is restricted

Buckle up. Tough times ahead folks.

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