Saturday, April 25, 2020

Please don't lay COVID fear mongering on me! Here is a visual fact! Good job Humboldt!

1. Humboldt had its first case of Corona virus reported on February 20th.

2. There were no new reported cases until March 20th. Almost a month!

3. On March 25th we started baring the brunt of the travelers who came home to Humboldt with the disease. Who is to blame for letting people fly into Humboldt? They had the right to come home.

4. On April 2nd we reach a peak of 9 cases in one day. All traced to traveling in groups as best as we can figure.

5. On April 6th we have 5 cases, then the trend roles down hill.

6. From April 7th to April 24th we have only 4 new reported cases. 53 cases in total confirmed 9 community transmitted. Only 3 have not recovered. The rest were travelers and other.

7. Humboldt has "Flatten the curve" pretty well. Check out the graph. 

We have been inundated with information and modeling that predicts death and destruction. I am not sure that is healthy in the long run. Instead of Humboldt getting, "Hey good job you all!" we hear nothing but the doom and gloom. 

So I am hear to tell you, "Good Job Humboldt!" May we all get back to some sort of normal soon.


Julie Timmons said...

Thanks for posting.. I am proud of the measured response I have seen from most of my fellow Humboltders.

uri driscoll said...

Good to see that on a graph. Makes one wonder why we can't start lifting some of these restrictions to get Humboldt working again. People are going a bit stir crazy. WE can always tighten things back up if we get a spike. So far no deaths and only two in the hospital. One is an elderly man with some chronic health issues.
I am sure glad to live in Humboldt!