Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Humboldt County Basketball musings.

Robin and I went to McKinleyville High School to watch the Panthers face off against the Arcata Tigers. We have watched enough Arcata games this year to have expected a huge Arcata win. (The last player I coached in 8th grade basketball still playing High School is junior Matt Gulley for the Tigers. He was fun to coach and he loved my "never seen a shot I didn't like" philosophy. MHS out hustled and played tough defense to take down a team with way superior height. Tom Witzel was the only Tiger in double figures with 24 points. (Matt had 6) I have to hand it to McKinleyville. They went right at Arcata's front line that is 6'10", 6'6" and 6'6" across in the front court. The Tigers are still looking for that on the court leader that will take control. But they still will win the league.

(Dan Squire and Christian Hill do a great job on 106.3 KJNY if you just want to listen. Their post game is great!)

Fortuna High is playing Nate Ambrosini, a Freshman, at point guard. He scored 19 points the other day. Has any other Humboldt County High School Freshman ever scored that many on a Varsity squad? They have another Freshman playing. They will be tough in 2 years.

Robin and I went to a CR men's game recently and I remarked that there were less local players than I have ever remembered. (There is one.) She said to me, "if there were ever less, there would be none!" Maybe that explains the small crowd.

Robin and I went an HSU men's game early this year and I was just not that impressed. I felt they would be a .500 team compared to last years squad. I have been pleasantly wrong. I also witnessed Coach Steve Kinder and all of his staff at a recent High School game. I realize there is not much chance for any of these players to be able to play for the Jacks, but it is classy that they are there.


rick mitchell said...

"never seen a shot I didn't like"

Kind of reminds of the term "Gunner" !!! Remember.

Anonymous said...

Bob Chisholm Hoopa 1969-1972

lodgepole said...

Went and saw Del Norte at St Bernards last night. Del Norte was way taller, and easily controlled the boards. Their bench was deep too. Their JV also had some good upcoming talent. It was a tough night for St Bernards, but they did their best and it was fun to watch.

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