Wednesday, January 26, 2011

David Elsebusch predicts Mark Lovelace, Jimmy Smith and Clif Clendenen voted out 2012.

This happened at yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting during public comments concerning the appointment of a reluctant Bruce Emad for an at large position on the Humboldt County Planning Commission. The 3 voted to ignore 19 applicants for the position. This will make for some political fall out, but I am not so sure there will be a tidal wave of animosity. David and his wife Penny won't have a big say in this. They both live in 5th District Supervisor Sundberg's district.


Rose said...

Elsebusch needs to learn to sit quiet sometimes. he has become a scourge at every local board, and while, when he first came on the scene he raised legitimate questions about spending and procedure, at some point both he and Penny stepped off the deep end, stopped being reasonable, stopped raising good questions and just became antagonists without good cause - you name it, they're against it. You name it, they'll threaten to sue over it.

The Board of Sups and MCSD are used to it. Other less publicly aware boards are quite shocked when confronted with the furnace blast of vitriol from the podium when the two of them show up.

It's too bad. "Cause like I said, at one time, they had some good points.

Jim said...

Has anything they've predicted ever come true?

I have to agree with Rose on this, whatever good they did in the beginning has turned into cranky and annoying. They really need a new hobby.

Anonymous said...

McK Press. MCSD has spent almost 14,000 dollars of staff time on Elsebush records requests in last 4 months. He borders on insanity.

I wonder how much a flush does he cost the rate payers.

connect the dots

Anonymous said...

His prediction is not far off IMHO:

Clif (Mr. 39%) is toast, Jimmy retires, and Mark fights off any challengers (but he still has to work for it).

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy has not made up his mind, all rumors to the contrary aside.

Anonymous said...

Those three candidates will be really tough to beat. Who could beat Mark, really? Or Clif? Nobody has a chance against Jimmy.

Scott said...

I'm with Rose, David and Penny are just nuts. They have lost all credibility. A waste of a blog post, Richard.

Rose said...

With respect to the Planning Commission appointments, Bruce Emad and Mary Gearheart wanted out and should have been allowed to resign. They've served above and beyond the call of duty. They've both done good, put in tons of work and thought and dedication in what has become an increasingly political mess. Who can blame them for saying, "Hey, I'm done."

Jeff Smith is about to be lost and that's too bad.

Like so many other local boards, where people have served selflessly for years, with little to no pay, recognition or fanfare, this has suddenly become intensely valuable to the "progressive" wanna-be dictatorship, who will do anything in their scorched earth campaign to gain seats and thus power, and that has resulted in an equally forceful pushback.

There is an interesting mix in the list of applicants, with some extremists, especially on the "progressive" side - and balance can be good.

I do find it interesting that Sun Gnome Madrone is being pushed as the great and powerful trail advocate since it is my recollection that he had to be removed from the trails group back when all the real work was being done because he didn't play well with others. Don't take my word for it, ask around. There's a reason why we need people with some institutional memory on there.

And anyone whose agenda is to take away private property rights should be automatically disqualified. The idea is to guide the process, and protect people's rights as well as work to make thoughtfully planned growth.


skippy said...

To be brief, I agree with Rose @5pm and Anonymous @1:49. Rose, well-said.

Witnessed Mr. Clendenen and Lovelace working hard during an important meeting. Their institutional knowledge and contributions were readily apparent.

Anonymous said...

If Gary Phelps runs, cliffy appleseed is juice. Cheep vodka and PBR are Dave and Penny's only source of motivation

skippy said...

My correction; skippy fully agreed with the Anonymous @8:29, not @1:49 as skippy previously posted.

Sometimes yours truly makes a mistake noting our Anonymi. Sorry

I support Mr. Lovelace, Clendenen, and Smith having seen them work together-- and believing in our strength of partnership... rather than our divide.

...peace, skips

Keep up the good work, Richard. Pleasure meeting you the other day!

Anonymous said...

“Furnace blast of vitriol” could describe Rose’s personal hateful invectives whenever she has a chance to say something about the Elsebuschs goading other posters to add to her exaggerated and unsupported negative descriptions of David and Penny.

Andrew Bird said...

David & Penny Elsebusch own a Lotus 7, at least they did a number of years ago. Cool car. They used to race it, I believe.

Last I heard, Jimmy Smith was planning to run in 2012. But things change. I hope he does.

Anonymous said...

David and Penny smell like urine when you get up close to them.

skippy said...

I'm reminded of what someone wiser said to me that I keep close:

'Better to be a civic service... than a civic menace.'

David Elsebusch said...

Wow. I predict three Supervisors will be replaced and bloggers who do not reveal their full names and identities post ad hominem attacks and lies saying I am nuts, insane and lack credibility, a code word for “I don’t agree with him”. The “blast of vitriol” Rose accuses me of providing “at less publicly aware boards” is an apt description of Rose’s name-calling diatribes she offers in regard to us at every opportunity, without specifics and are simply generalizations. We go to monthly MCSD meetings and about 50% of the Board of Supes meetings, and rarely a Planning Commission meeting, and no others, as Rose inaccurately stated. Maybe Rose is influenced by vile gossip at coffee klatches at Ramone’s. As to the $14,000 MCSD “spent” on records requests, my response can be read in my Counterpoint column that should appear in the next McKinleyville Press. Where does Anonymous come up with David and Penny’s only source of motivation is “cheep” vodka and PBR? We have never bought a bottle of vodka, ever, and infrequent PBRs are certainly not a source of motivation. Rose’s comment that “You name it, they’ll threaten to sue over it” is another ad hominem attack that is untrue. I have threatened to sue MCSD to stop them from misappropriating Measure B assessments and using those funds to pay for their bloated administrative costs, including the General Manager’s credit card bill, and if MCSD continues to violate the Public Records Act, it may be necessary to take legal action. That’s it. Penny has never threatened to sue anybody. In sum, I don’t plan to “sit quiet” if there are legitimate concerns to be discussed at Board meetings.

It appears Andrew Bird is about the only one who posted a correct fact about us. Yes, we still have the Lotus 7 and still race it.

Rose said...

Really? You NEVER attended a school board meeting - and threatened to sue them? Must be an awful lot of people just makin' shit up about you.

Really, David. At one time, you raised legitimate points. You had good suggestions. That was a compliment.

The rest? Take it to heart. It does you no good to attack everyone you come into contact with. Many people work hard, do the right thing, strive to make things better, and deserve some credit.

David Elsebusch said...

Yes I did attend school board meetings about Measure C but I never threatened to sue them.

You are right "Must be an awful lot of people just makin' shit up about you.". You shouldn't believe all the gossip you hear and repeat it as fact.

Anonymous said...

Dave, have you taken your meds. Lets see.

1. Anyone who has a question about the threat to the school board, ask them to listen to the tape. Its public record is it not Dave.

2. How about the threats to the Harbor district that you attended for years. Oh and was there a lawsuit? Probably why you are on a first name bases with their attorney. Again this is public record.

3. About that Lotus. How did it not get involved in the bankruptcy. You know the one you and Penny got divorced to do. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.Cause I would bet this is public record.

4. Seems to me if there was any truth to the MCSD stuff, you would have already sued. Is not that measure B stuff 20 years ongoing. Wow your so wise your the only one who could figure this out. Yet there is no lawsuit, maybe cause your full of shit. Even with 14,000 worth of public records request and a year of time, no proof. I wonder how many other folks requested those records.

5. Again your wrong, there are actually points I do agree with you on. Not fucking many though.

6. I give you 2 out of 3 on BOS. I think that Mark is like Gags. I would hope he gets thrown out, but I think it will be difficult.

7. Have to say, I have never seen you drink anything. So I have no opinion about that at all. Never got close enough to notice any funny smells either. As to my experience, that is the only ad hominem attack that has appeared so far on this blog.

8. As to the anon status. Who the hell would want to deal with you at any level. Let alone your run to the paper bullshit.

Anonymous said...

David Elsebusch filed for bankruptcy?

Now that is funny!

Anonymous said...

Who's the more influential right winger in McKinleyville? Rose Welsh or David Elsebusch?

Anonymous said...

The really funny part is I do not think Rose is a Right-winger. But its blogs so the truth does not matter.

mresquan said...

"The really funny part is I do not think Rose is a Right-winger."

Then you've never read anything on her coffee shop blog.

Anonymous said...

Mark, Your a complete dip shit, shut up. All you do is kiss prog butt and say anything they tell you. Get on your short bus and go on down the road.

David Elsebusch said...

To Anonymous at 1:03 PM

1. You say I threatened to sue the school board and I say I didn’t. Just another in a series of ad hominem attacks that go on ad nauseam.

2. You say I threatened the Harbor District and I say I didn’t. There was not a law suit.

3. Why do you think the Lotus was not involved in a bankruptcy? We got divorced to do a bankruptcy? That is an off-the-wall statement that doesn’t make any sense, and is why posters like you are not credible, as well as your propensity to use the words “shit” and “fucking”..

4. I am still gathering information and documentation in regard to Measure B, in anticipation of litigation, stymied at every opportunity by Shopay and Company. The alleged $14,000 worth of public records requests, you should understand, is not money that was spent, it was a fanciful allocation designed by Shopay of staff time that ends up being a source of embarrassment to him because he and his procedures are so inefficient and wasteful. An example is $160.50 for two hours of staff time on July 15, 2010. That is simply absurd. Most of the $14,000 was for legal advice that the prior general managers didn’t have to do because they knew what they were doing in regard to public records and didn’t waste time, energy and money.

5. Please explain why I am again wrong . . .

6. Glad to hear that at least two of the three will be replaced. Next year, when the campaign begins for Mark there will likely be enough accumulated stuff for blogs to attack him and foul mouthed posters like yourself who play fast and loose with facts could make a difference.

7. Look up the definition of “ad hominem”.

8. It is interesting that you, defending your anonymity, ask “Who the hell would want to deal with” me at any level. Don’t you think your 8 “points of light” and any continuing colloquy is dealing with me at some “level”?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Damn, and I remember when this blog used to be about SOFTball.

Anonymous said...

Public Record Dave. Anyone can look them up. Sorry my language offends you. Being such a highly educated person it must be tough to deal with such horrible language.

Your lying about most of these points as they are mostly public record.

You did go to Harbor Meeting and you did threaten them. Its in the records.

You and your wife did get a divorce just a year before filing for bankruptcy. Again public record.

Again everything I said is public record. Nobody has to believe an anon like me, just look up the records.

Ad hominem def. I am well aware of, still everything said by others was point on.

Your right about one thing, dealing with you is a losing proposition.

samoasoftball said...

Wow! Go away for a weekend and look what happens. I did not think this blog thread would be about David's life, but would be focused on his observation of the political fallout of the supervisors who refused to listen to the public. And people who identified themselves publically calling the Supes to the carpet.

I have always enjoyed both of the Elsebusch's contributions to the public process. Both of them do their homework.

David Elsebusch said...

To Anonymous at 2:17 PM

You are right, dealing with me is a losing proposition - and you are the loser.

You are correct - it is all in public records, but they don’t support your allegations. Saying they do doesn’t make it so.

A divorce a year before bankruptcy is simply a false statement.

Yes, nobody has to believe an anonymous like you, as you say.

Anonymous said...

Richard, just as you learned the hard way how evil your late proggie friends were, we who have had to deal on a real level with dave and penny know that they are not only crazy but BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!! They serve no purpose to this community save to fill their empty, unproductive lives with anything but looking at each other.

Joel Mielke said...

"Elsebusch needs to learn to sit quiet sometimes."

Rose would be funnier if she appreciated irony.

Ekovox said...

"We go to monthly MCSD meetings and about 50% of the Board of Supes meetings, and rarely a Planning Commission meeting, and no others, as Rose inaccurately stated."

And NO OTHERS?????? Trying to take down the Measure Q bond at College of the Redwoods board meetings is "no others"?

I'm with Rose on this one. David, you love to see your name in print. Your diatribe is tiresome and counter intuitive to the hard work people do to bring this community together and help it prosper.

Run for office, get a majority of constituents on your side and you'll prove your civic worth more effectively than badgering the various boards for badgering purposes only.

Anonymous said...

Both the Elsebusch's have run for office and lost so bad it hurts ones teeth. These two are complete cancers on the community. Do something productive for Christ's sake. The more they flap their yaps the less anyone listens.

Anonymous said...

Read Elsbusch letter in the McKinleyville Press. A complete crock of poop. Guy is loony tunes. Has no clue. Just makes up stuff Needs to sit is butt down and STFU.

Eric Kirk said...

All three will win reelection. Mark will win by a landslide.