Saturday, September 26, 2009

Richard and Robin ride the Speeder!

Robin and I finally made some time to ride the Speeder. Well worth the $4 a piece fare! We have both hiked and biked beside the rail line since the early 80's and it was good to get this new perspective. The crew was very informative and you could see the excitement in the riders. I was surprised on how many people were taking pictures and the positive automobile response for the Speeder going down Highway 255.

The Timber Heritage Association has dedicated thousands of hours of volunteer work to make this project and other preservation projects related to rail history prevalent.

This project is also an affirmation of the relevancy of an excursion train to Scotia.

The Round House is one of only 2 left in the US! It holds great historical value.

I bet many of you remember climbing on ol' #15 when it was at Seqouia park!


Mary Boughton said...

Terrific Richard! Im so happy you and Robin had a chance to ride the speeder on the last run day... It was more than 500 (volunteer) man hrs to clear the tracks alone.

I think an excursion train around Humboldt Bay is first priority, havent heard THA talking about Scotia.

Anonymous said...

I remember old #15; used to play on it at the park all the time. I also loved the long slide and the spiral slide. All were removed because they were "too dangerous", even though they were all there for years and I never heard of anyone geting hurt on any of them. Just another example of the City of Eureka doing its best to ruin our fun.

Anonymous said...

An excursion train between Samoa and Arcata is ten times more achievable than one all the way to Eureka, and a hundred times more achievable than one to Scotia. However there is nothing wrong with dreaming big.

Anonymous said...

Lawsuits brought by inattentive parents... who do you know that would sit talking on a cell phone instead of watching their toddler play on tall, metal equipment? It only took one or two of those to nix #15 and that was before cell phones!