Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joe McDonald finishes 2nd at Redwood Acres!

The best of the late model stock car drivers converged at "Fall Spectacular" race at Redwood Acres Saturday night to battle in an epic 100 lap race. Big crowd. And what a race it turned out to be! Locals Jimmy Walker, Jerry Peterson and Joe McDonald Jr. had their hands full against a large out of town field. Noel McCormack of Lakeport shared some paint with Joe McDonald Jr. and both were nearly fender to fender for over 90 laps! I video taped a little bit of the action so you can hear and feel the atmosphere. Lenz ended up winning the hard fought contest with local driver Joe McDonald Jr. in second. Joe had "Marks for Harbor Commissioner" painted on his hood and raced a fantastic try. I just wish Rollin Trehearne was there to call the race play by play. I have been fan at the Acres since the 60's.

(Just for the NASCAR fans: I root for the #29 car.)

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