Friday, September 25, 2009

Humboldt County Democrats of the Year 2009.

Dr. Ann Lindsay and Dr. Alan Glaseroff were the honored Humboldt Democrats of the Year. Two very highly respected members of the community. They received many proclamations from all legislative branches and it was a moving sight.

This years "DOTY" was well attended and ran smoothly. I just can't say enough good things about this event this year. The HCDCC Ways and Means Chair Charlene Cutler-Ploss and other committee event organizers deserve much Kudos for once again putting on this quality get together.


Andrew Bird said...

Charlene and Phillis Taborski did a magnificent job. Their choice of a pinch-hit keynote speaker, Allan Katz, turned out to be a grand slam. He delivered an informative and entertaining elocution on health care and the status of reform. Just a great evening.

Andrew Bird said...

Chris Beresford was a big help too. I'm sure Charlene appreciated the work she did.

Humboldt County is lucky to have residents such as Drs. Lindsay and Glasseroff. It's hard to imagine two more worthy recipients.