Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nancy Flemming out as Rio Dell City Manager!

Rio Dell Police Chief Graham Hill has taken over the duties of the City Manager as of today. Much as I know right now.


Anonymous said...

She's going fishin' with Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

I posted this monday night on your blog Rich, and was surprised to see nobody discuss it.

She was given the choice of either resigning or being terminated. She was in over her head. Running a city, even a small one like RD, is much more difficult than holding the largely ceremonial position of mayor.

So, who exactly is the "capitalist thief" 6:16?

"Wahhhhh I dont like Rob, NO ARKELYVILLE now magically translates into "capitalist thief"?

You've been played. Brilliantly.

BTW, Flemming's out in Rio Dell.

9:48 PM"

Anonymous said...

pretty much the same as Palin in Alaska. WAY over her head.

samoasoftball said...

9:28-Your post made me investigate. You were right. How did you find out so soon?

Anonymous said...

Sara rocks. You don't.

Anonymous said...

Coo-da! Coo-da!

Rambo said...

looks like someone has been out in the dunes smoking his hookah

Anonymous said...

He Richard, you should apply
for that city manager job..

BB said...

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee recently approved legislation to fund Interior related projects. I am pleased to let you know that one of my priority projects, protecting water quality for the Humboldt Bay by keeping pollution out of the Martin Slough, was included in this bill.

As approved by the Committee, the City of Eureka will receive $1 million to be used for a wastewater collection system to improve water quality and prevent sewer overflows into Humboldt Bay. This funding will help to protect the people of Humboldt County and our environment from pollution.

This bill still has several steps before becoming law, but this is an important milestone in funding this important project for water quality for Humboldt Bay. You can count on me to keep working to see that it is included in the final bill.
Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

Anonymous said...

They would not pay her enough money and the commute to Rio Dell from Woodley island wast worth it anymore.

Anonymous said...

And Rio Dell lost a great asset. You fools (HCDCC) types just keep talking crap because that's the thing you do best. Nancy has been a great citizen. I wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

Registered Republian here, 7:04 am - Nancy Flemming was in way over her head as a City Manager.

I have talked to several RD city employees who said she never got anything done, just walked her dog and talked on the phone all day long.

This isnt a personal attack on Nancy Flemming like many of the posts over at Heraldoworld; she simply does not have the managment skills necessary to run a small city, as most don't.

Once again, holding the largely ceremonial position of Mayor for the City of Eureka in no way qualifies one for the position of City Manager;

moreover, she was brought in due to her supposed connections with various movers and shakers on the northcoast, ones who would bring projects downt to Rio Dell. That, obviously did not happen.

Anonymous said...

11:53 your contacts were wrong. As you choose to promote gossip one would ponder are you really a bit more biased than you claim. Or do you fall for a line of BS to easily? Either way Nancy is a class act,was a hard worker at the city and will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Missed? Who'll be missed?

Anonymous said...

Miss-ed! You won't.

Anonymous said...

704 - my "contacts were wrong"?

Ummm, No. They weren't. I knew this was coming two weeks ago.

Again, please tell me the requisite skill set Nancy Flemming had to qualify her to be a City Manager.

Please tell me in real terms,

how she "was a hard worker at the city". She was not.

She may be a class act, and have good connections, but she simply was way over her head as a City Manager.

I'm not sure if you think she resigned or think that my claim she was forced out is bogus - again, go back to my post on the
fourth of July where I stated Flemming was out.

Again - Do you think Nancy told me that she was going to resign and then I posted that she was resigning?

Or, do I know a Councilperson or other high mucky muck at the city who told me that there was a virtual mutiny down at the city hall, that NF was Rio Dell's own Captain Queeg.

So tell me, 7:04, exactly how was I wrong?

Anonymous said...

there is a high mucky much in rio dell

Anonymous said...

"She may be a class act"

Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

To be sure 2:33,you are not.And we all new for months about the contract talks. 2 weeks makes you not to well informed again.