Sunday, July 26, 2009

Murphy's beat SAC to win HDVS "Heart of the Redwoods" Invitational.

Murphy's beat Samoa Athletic Club 7-4 in the championship game of the Humboldt Domestic Violence Services "Heart of the Redwoods" softball invitational Saturday. Murphy's played 7 games and had to beat SAC twice to win the 1st place trophy and Championship Tee-Shirts. After the dust had settled, Cross Up of Eureka took third and Big Pete's Dirtbags of Arcata finished 4th. Every team in the tournament had at least a win and every team lost 2, so this was a very tight tournament.

There were good crowds all day and good ball. The umps took the brunt of some yelling and cursing, but all in good fun. We were able to raise some money for Humboldt Domestic Violence Services and play some ball in sunny Arcata!


Anonymous said...

awww...the summer weekend tournaments of years past. Sorry I missed it. Some of the best years of my life; Robin, me and the kids, watching you and Loren havin man-fun. Between games, the boys, moowing down on chili or spaghetti, then shootin hoops in the drive way on Hill Ave. waitin on the next game. Little bit o' paradice right here in Eureka; for me anyway. The simple life is the best.
Dang, I'm gettin all nostalgic. I musta had one more brew than I ment to.
Sorry bout Roy.
Still sorry bout Gayle after all these years. Man, she was crazy bout you. (and loren too.)Our life is better for having known her. (and him too.)
Love you Babe,
Love Rob too.
And, thanks for settin me up with your sister. She enhanses my life.

samoasoftball said...

Those were great times! We were the young scrappy M&D Auto team that drove teams nuts with our speed and defense. I wouldn't trade that time for the world. BBQ, Basketball in the driveway, ping pong tournaments and the whole world ahead of us. 1970's and 80's were so great. Too many have left us too soon.