Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bud Light Tourney in Ukiah. Wrist update.

I took team Samoa Athletic Club to Ukiah this weekend to play in the Bud Light Softball Invitational in Ukiah. This is a well organized event with 18 very competitive softball teams. I have never played at the parks there and was pleasantly surprised. 3 fields with nearly 300ft dimensions with a BBQ snack bar and cold Budweiser on tap. The stands are close to the action and there is lots of shade. Seen many players I recognized from other tournaments, so it was fun to socialize and pass out information about upcoming tournaments in Humboldt County. Lot's of people at the park. This is a tournament I will definitely make room on the calender for next year.

Ukiah has 9 wood bat teams in their league. I saw one dude use a wood bat and hit the ball around 290ft! And I heard he had hit 4 Home Runs in league. I hope he makes the USSSA State Championships next month in Arcata.

I had my cast removed two weeks ago at my surgeons office and asked when I could start attempting to swing a bat. I was told by my fellow baller that I could try at any time but I would make my wrist "angry." I couldn't hurt it but it would hurt me. Man, was he right. I went to the physical therapist on Friday and he absolutely tortured my wrist! It just doesn't have much range of motion yet. 11 or more of these appointment's to go. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

Physical Therapist is not a correct tittle... I believe they should be referred to as "Physical Terrorists".

Anonymous said...

When I went I was told no pain no gain by one therapist and then it was her vacation time and the temporary replacement gave me different exercises and said don't do things that really make it hurt as it causes scar tissue. I actually improved a lot doing the replacement's exercises.

Anonymous said...

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Carlos Avelar said...

Hey Rich, you are doing a great job keeping the softball world up to date with the latest news, Great job running the Mad River Program too. Get Kris to get better( more fitting name) for the softball team he keeps fielding as he is giving Murphy's lots of credit where they really aren't supporting ( money wise) the team. Might be best to call them Humboldt's Finest..... isn't that what he use to go by..... Great job to you and him keeping the Mad River Softball running great...... Grandpuba