Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perry Price in bad softball accident. I hate when this happens.

Perry Price and I have been playing softball together forever. He really pushes me to do my best when we play in tournaments and league and I appreciate his companionship, even if we are yelling at each other. We are both intense, but at different levels. Perry is around 70 years old, but young at heart. He filled in playing for us this weekend and got on base pretty well and we won a tournament Saturday against much younger players. (He was the oldest in the tournament by at least 15 years.) I asked him to fill in on Sunday in the Blue Lake League if we were short players. Sure enough, we had only 9 players. In the second game, Perry was coaching at 1st base (Loudly) and the shortstop threw a ball to 1st wildly and squarely hit Perry in his bad knee and knocked him to the ground. It was a bad scene. I mean, this ball was thrown hard! Perry, got up and went back to his catcher position for the next inning because he is one of the toughest guys I know. When he was to come to bat his knee had swollen, of course. We took him out of the game. I felt bad. Perry had just showed up in case someone did not make it, and I had a few guys not call me and tell me they would not be there. Perry is at home and resting with a cane. He has a big party coming up and hopes to be able to dance. (A Perry specialty.)

This was my last weekend to play ball before my surgery. I had a good Saturday hitting in the tournament, and had 5 straight hits Sunday. Guys on my team were loudly telling me not to get my wrist fixed! But this thing really hurts and I want to be able to throw and hit right, and start lifting weights again. Oh yes, I want to be able to work again! (Heavy Equipment and such.)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that's his karma for giving me a cheap shot a few years back in a basketball game.