Saturday, June 27, 2009

HDVS fundraiser. Wrist Update. Retirement crap. Stock Car stuff.

The Humboldt Domestic Violence Services is hosting the "Rising II: Keep the Phoenix Soaring" fund raiser today starting at 6pm and running until 10pm at the Eureka Veterans hall. There will be great music, food, beer, wine and silent auction. The cost is $50 per couple and is for a great cause. Hope to see you there!

I recently went to Redding for my post-op check up and removal of the cast I have been trying to itch through. I have 4 holes on the top of my wrist that the doctor went in to repair cartilage I had torn. There was kind of a flap torn that wouldn't allow me to turn my wrist normally. Dr. Ferraro of Shasta Orthopedic drilled or shaved the cartilage down so I would have chance for normal movement. When they took the cast off, I thought I would be able to use it now. I was wrong. It hurts bad right now. But it is supposed to get better with rehab. I went to the EDD and talked with their disability counselor and he said I have to wait until I my injury recovery is "Permanent and Stationary" before I can look into programs for re-training. Hmmmm. Guess I won't be in the workforce soon. I was told I may have to consider an administrative position. Dr Lyell from Arcata said the same. No more heavy equipment operator. Back to union organizing?

I sent away my personal information to take an early retirement from the pulp mill. (I was in my 30th year at the mill.) Sounds like Milliman is not processing our claims because of inaction on Evergreen Pulp's part. This is sure getting old. Those funds have been in the account and has been solvent for decades. If the feds take over the account maybe we can have resolution. Sad it has come to this.

Robin and I were at the Stock Car races last night. It was fair night, so we had to pay $10 a piece at the door and another $5 to get into the races. Used to buy fair admission and get into the races as part of that. Regular races cost $10 at the door and last time Robin and I went they were over by 8:45pm! Less than 2 hours of entertainment for us.

Paul Peoples and Dave Henderson did some great racing in Thunder Roadster class. They had to maneuver through traffic all race and Paul ended up winning a close race. In the Sportsmen class, Joe McDonald did his best job of racing ever and out dueled Jimmy Walker in a wreck filled race. It was a fun night of racing with over 70 cars participating.

Just curious. Why does the Times Standard do huge current stories on the non local Crabs and ignore the Stock Car races? I can guarantee that the races out draw the Crabs, and the drivers at the Acres are mostly local. A few thousand at the races to maybe 700 at a Crabs game. And while I am on this rant, why not replace the Crabs with the Steelhead baseball team? They are the truly local representative players and would pull the same crowds against the inferior competition the Crabs pick to play anyways. My thoughts of course.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is karma for all the shrimp you kill when you go to the buffet.

Anonymous said...

The Fair Nights races draw large crowds because a lot of people are at the Fair and hear the cars practicing in the afternoon and decide to attend the races but sometimes it is not that packed. The Times-Standard has a deadline which is usually before the races end so a lot of times photos end up in the paper and the winners are published on the same page that has what sports are on TV.

I think the problem with articles on the Steelheads is that that play a lot of out of town games and maybe there is no one to write about those games. I heard on TV that they won their games in Chico this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Instead of bitching about the crabs, why don't you join their huge group of volunteers, including a board of directors and try and incorporate your changes at that level.

Oops, it'd just be easier to ask questions on your blog. Seriously dude, wtf? The crabs are a humboldt county institution-a labor of love for many and you bag on the way they are doing business.


Anonymous said...

If you want media coverage for sports you have to write the article and send it in to the paper. The TS coverage is minimal for local events and sports won't even get a mention if you don't call in the results or fax updates to the newsroom

samoasoftball said...

7:09pm-The Crabs are just an adult baseball team. And average at that. Legion plus.

Kind of touchy aren't you? Call me lame and you are not brave enough to identify yourself? Weak. I have scheduled some games for local hardball teams this year, so yes, I am doing actual action. So bite me.

8:48pm-I have written articles, called in and sent information into the Times Standard Sports Department with very little support. Did not have this problem when the Eureka Reporter was doing business.

I have sent information to the TS about Mad River Softball Friday night league sign-ups multiple times. No write up. Sent info on 4th of July tourney. No write up. Sent results of Memorial Tourney. No write up. Talked to Tarpey, he made comments about Sign-ups and more becoming political. But why do they write up sport subjects that are no longer relevant?

That is reality.

Anonymous said...

So bite me. Spoken like a true supervisor. Let's do an article on Paul Peeples. He really likes kids.

Rambo said...

I wonder if Anon 7:09 does anywhere near the amount of volenteer work you do Rich. I just love those people that have heuvos so small that that cant put up even a nick name to identify them. Mostly I think it is their sad lonely life that makes them so bitchy.

:-) hope recovery is going well for you Rich