Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kohl's coming to Bayshore soon!

Kohl's, Forever 21 going into Mervyns sites. Kohl's owns over 1,000 stores in 48 states. When do the pickets go up to fight this "big box" coming to Eureka? If we say no to Home Depot or Wal Mart, why will we turn the other way to Kohl's?


Sanity said...

It's a moot point. There were some people who fought the Bayshore Mall, but it's there now and if there's open space in it, someone might as well fill it with some jobs.

It makes sense to replace one chain retailer with another, but the idea of adding more all over town is rather unsettling. Maybe Eureka should adopt a cap to limit chain stores, like Arcata did with chain restaurants.

A lot of people who are against Home Depot and Wal-Mart aren't completely against all chains. The bigger problem with those proposals has been the location. Bad land use.

A knee-jerk reaction to all chains isn't healthy, but neither is opening the door to inane development schemes. Tools like caps and zoning restrictions are probably the best hope for Eureka.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with most big boxes moving into an existing large retail site like the Bayshore mall or the Eureka Mall. But please don't build another strip mall, especially on the waterfront property. It really couldn't be a worse location, especially given that the main entrance would be at the 90 degree turn of Broadway.

Not A Native said...

Guess this shows that even a liquidation bankruptcy doesn't mean the end of the business. The rumor was that the bayshore Mervyn's was likley profitable, the Kohl's management must believe it.

Maybe something similar will happen with the pulp mill too, even without bankruptcy. It looks like the mill price has declined over the last few sales. Hopefully the next sale will be at a price where it actually is profitable. Manufacturing globally traded commodities is a very risky business. Its key that the buyers really know what they're doing AND the plant's operational costs are competitive.

Ben Round said...

Old Town was the "downtown" in Eureka at one time. Then stores moved to the 4th and 5th st. locations and became the new "downtown". Then Pierson built a "mall" on Harris and everyone freaked because it disrupted "downtown". The Bayshore mall came and messed up Pierson's "mall" that took jobs from "downtown". Now the cry is out for the "Marina Center" ruining the Bayshore "mall" business. See a pattern?

And the crying goes on about bad location. The Bayshore "mall" is on the bay just like the Marina center will be! And if you have driven around the balloon tract, this is not "pristine" property!

Let whatever level of clean up happen if it meets the public standard. And let's start building and creating jobs. Let the best retailers survive! Pierson's may have to adapt and that may be good for consumers. But they didn't seem to mind when the shoe was on the other foot and they built a "mall" and ran others out of business.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of this community settling for mediocrity. We can do better than a big box strip mall. Some people seem willing to let anything be built in the name of "progress." Is it really that simple for you guys?

Rambo said...

This isn't the best store to be moving in. With the economy and wages how it is in Eureka Walmart and their low prices would be a better choice. I have a Kohls a couple blocks from me and even at the good wages my wife and I make we can't afford some of their things.

Rose said...

The hermit crab shell will have a new occupant. That's what happens. It's a good thing. the original businesses that singed on to the Mall enabled it to be built. When they move on, others will take advantage of the opportunity for a nice big location.

What cracks me up about all the cries for suddenly caring about the waterfront as a reason for fighting Arkley's proposed Marina Center is this - have you not been driving down there all these years past all those hideous derelict buildings, falling down, and leaning sideways, homes for vagrants and drug addicts.

Then when it came time to tear one of them down they became beloved historic structures. That's like saying you love the old cheap single pane aluminum windows in 60s era tract homes.

Anyway, Kohl's'll be interesting. Something new, anyway. I think Rambo's right, though, about the price points.

Rose said...

Typos. Make that 'signed on.'

Fred said...

4:13 wrote, "...Maybe something similar will happen with the pulp mill too, even without bankruptcy. It looks like the mill price has declined over the last few sales. Hopefully the next sale will be at a price where it actually is profitable.".

Let's hope so. Problem is, things have just gotten much worse for businesses in California. The State Air Resources Board just took over control over a lot of what businesses can do. It all has to do with AB32, global warming and such.

Looks like they're going after old diesel trucks first, but it sounds like they might be telling all businesses what fuels they can use, for how long and how much pollution they can emit to stay in business.

Let's hope Evergreen can avoid the implications of AB32. I'm pessimistic, though.

Strikeforce said...

Rambutt loves Walmart. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how many people do not know that Pierson (mall) and Pierson (building center) are completely different people.

Rambo said...

I do not love Walmart and shop there rarely even though I live 4 blocks from one. The products there just are not the quality I look for. The times i do shop there are for their cheap Pharmacy and for food when i am to lazy to go to Costco. The walmart by my house as a super one with a grocery store. I will go there for miklk and pop but mostly for food I go to Costco.

rambo said...

I just think that the Pricing Walmart has would help a lot of people in the greater Eureka Arcata area with its lower paying jobs and high un-employment

Anonymous said...'s funny Rambo.

If Heraldo gets her way. There will be a lot more poor people who will need a Walmart to get by.

Anonymous said...

No offense Rambo, but your diet preferences (milk and pop) kinda explain your name. Google "twinkie defense" for reference.

Anonymous said...

Folks the pulp mill is not coming back....get over it.

No one who was supplying them fiber is ever going to be totally in their basket again...and that means they don't have to furnish to operate profitably or at full capcaity ever again. The current management burned those bridges.

Rambo said...

"No offense Rambo, but your diet preferences (milk and pop) kinda explain your name. Google "twinkie defense" for reference."

Now there is someone who does not know me or read some of my old posts. I am a diabetic (Bad one, as in High sugars) so that kills the pop or any sugar. High blood preasure, again kills the pop because of the sodium. And am allergic to milk products. Wanna take another stab at bashing me? The Rambo name comes from a shortening of Rambis(Kurt Rambis) who I look alot like and am about the same size of. We even wore the same black framed clark kent glasses at the same time. Had the same B-ball style, garbage point, rebounds and defense.

samoasoftball said...

Rambo-The most important points are "Rambis" like. Your specialty!

Anonymous said...

Lets keep this a SECRET from
the left wing wackos..oh, and
dont tell Larry Glass..he might
want to take a survey, then form
a committee, then send a notice to
everyone within 600 miles...then & then....just becuase he might lose a sale of some kind..poor guy...he must be afraid of competition..

Rambo said...

Thanks Rich,
We have played against each other in softball and basketball enough times to knnow who I am and what I am about :)