Monday, December 01, 2008

Evergreen Pulp busted!

Workers at Evergreen Pulp were thrown a reality shock. Evergreen has not met payroll. They asked hourly workers to work in hope that they will be paid. Not going to happen. Next court case is set Jan 13th at 8:30am Courtroom 4.


jmc said...

Sure would be great if someone would run the mill that had values.
Once trust is gone you can't buy it back.

ERSSCOTT said...

Goodby timber industry in California and Humboldt County. This building depression will be long and deep.

Ernie Branscomb said...

It's sad but this economic mess was all predictable, and predicted.

The good thing is, now all the canoe paddlers will have a bay all to themselves, and as soon as they get the tracks of industry cleaned up, they will have a place to ride their bikes... What Fun!!!

Rose said...

Yep, Ernie, the inmates will get the asylum. Then the food will run out.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Not to worry, their bicycles are organic, they're edible.

Rambo said...

AWWWK... saw the new picture on the header and had to run screaming for something to fix my eyes

Anonymous said...

Hey, now when
I log onto this thing I see a picture of that asshole who always hogs all the meat pizza at Big Louies buffet.

Rambo said...

DUDE, IF you cant do anything at least try to keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the economic collapse is all the enviros fault.

Anonymous said...

What is the lawsuit about?

Ernie Branscomb said...

“Yup, the economic collapse is all the enviros fault.”

No, I’m not blaming the “Enviros”, I’m an environmentalist, but I guess that you would have to say that I’m a holistic environmentalist. That’s where all things are considered, including people that need jobs right along with all the little critters that need protecting.

I blame the people that would rather paddle their canoes and ride their bikes and secretly hope that industry in Humboldt County collapses. Then, they think that they can have it all.

I would like to see an environmentally sound railroad leading into an environmentally sound bay. With a multitude of environmentally sound industries. Like shipping, and fishing, and clean paper products, and Eco-friendly industries.

Rather than working so hard to see that our marginal industries fail, why can’t we all fight the real problem, and make sure that our eco-friendly industries have a chance here in Humboldt. Make our politicians ban products that don’t meet our standards. We buy products all day long that we would NOT allow to be manufactured here in Humboldt County. Why is that okay???

We try to hard to kill the monster that we can see, and support the real monster that we can’t. We need to get real, and quit blaming each other while Rome burns. We need to work together to accomplish goals that will benefit us all.

Oh, Nice picture Richard! There is just something likable about a man that's proud of himself.

The Blog Gnome said...

Richard, I put the old picture back up there for you... just to avoid embarrassment.

I'll go back and tweak it so that it fits properly later.


Anonymous said...

Kayaks and roof racks for all!

Not A Native said...

Looks like this pony isn't going to run. The owners must certainly be looking to selll the plant, they can't maintain the negative cash flow.

Unfortunately pulp making isn't a talent that has much demand outside of a mill. At least in the amounts Evergreen was producing.

Artisans who make "art" paper have no need for the skills to run a large scale factory. Hey, I'd buy Humboldt TP if it were available.

My recomendation to laid off workers who don't retire is to get retraining for a service industry where some of your mill knowledge will be useful. And if you don't already have a trade certificate, get one. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics, masons, and technicians make good livings.