Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evergreen pays water bill!

At least for October. Who paid? Got me. November is due soon and it may exceed $200,000. Union meeting Wednesday the 17th at 4pm. AWPPW Union President and California Area Representative to be present. My last meeting with the gavel.


jmc said...


With strikes, China's middle class vents anger. follow link to read about China Union trouble.

Anonymous said...


When you see the AWPPW leadership later today, why not remind them at that time what kind of farce that the current federal WARN act is and that something needs to be done to correct the deficiencies within its language. It's long overdue now that the lawmakers need to amend it to make it enforcable.

Your group should have been paid when you were sent out the plant gate in October. The intent of the WARN act was so that you would have 60 days worth of wages to see you through for an adjustment period.

You guys and gals shouldn't have to be still waiting to receive what is owed you from your former employer two month's later!

Anonymous said...

I see that the Lee and Man website states the following: "In October, the Group disposed Evergreen Pulp at a consideration of HK$200 million." http://www.leemanpaper.com/html/eng/company/milestone.jsp

Where is the money?

beefeater said...

Where's the beef?