Friday, April 04, 2008

The Tax Man has his way.

Robin and I had to do our tax thing today. John Fullerton, C.P.A. has been our consultant for awhile now. He is efficient and quick. (If you go to him tell him I referred you! Please!) I claim single and no dependants and have $100 extra taken out each paycheck, and Robin claims single and no dependants and $40 a month extra paid. And we also pay $400 extra to the state just for good measure. We are kind of unusual that we rent in Samoa, but own a house in Henderson Center that we rent out. We also run a small business called Samoa Athletics that organizes/directs adult sporting events. Lots of paperwork and stuff. We are at the point that we can not claim our children, as they have now joined the workforce.

We made over $100,000 and were taxed to death. I know that there are people out there who will say, cry me a river you elite asshole, but we are just the working middle class. We contribute to organizations and to our family needs. So it is not like we are wallowing in money. I just thought I would throw the reality of finances out there.


Anon.R.mous said...


100K, that's almost 3x the median income for a family in Humboldt County.

How does it feel to be upperclass, not middleclass?

rick said...

Isn't that a pisser, That one must create a small business to enjoy a hobby.
I had to back in my racing years called it Herm Advertising and Sales. I Love it. You call it a hobby and the IRS calls it a bussiness , You call it a Bussiness and the IRS calls it a hobby.
Ya just cant win

Chris Crawford said...

I feel your pain, Richard, but I can't resist a little partisan dig ...

Do you think your tax situation will improve with either Hillary or Barak at the wheel? I've got some extra McCain bumper stickers in case you need 'em.

samoasoftball said...

Damn me and my overtime. I just thought I would be honest. People who know me know the weird financial circumstances this year that cost me thousands. We live a middle class lifestyle. Robin and I are the consumate American consumers that make this economy click. We spend.

Rick, I have sponsored race cars in the past. Hopefully in the future. I set up the Samoa Athletic business because I was tired of losing my butt holding tournaments. And then donating the proceeds at my loss. It all equals out fair this way. I could have been donating much more to children athletics if I had created the business years earlier. Lesson learned.

Chris: Partisan dig? Funny you. Save the McCain sticker. I am holding firm for Obama. Of course I was holding firm for Edwards also.

Anon: "Movin on up, to the west side. To those condos near the sea." C'mon. I still am a sand dweller. I Rent. In Samoa. The only thing that seperates me and Humboldt trailer trash is that my house lacks the wheels.

theo therme said...

mccain will lower taxes by starting more wars???? does that work?

if someone was paying the USA for every muslim that we killed, i could see how having wars would lower our tax burden. i havent seen any country offer to pay us to kill yet.

if we were able to extract oil from our new occupied land, i could see how having wars would lower our tax burden. i havent seen the USA extract any oil in iraq.

Anonymous said...

Look Richard, I'm not going to criticize you for making an upper middle class level of income.

But... I think your claim that you are a "middle class worker just surviving in Humboldt County" is misleading.

I know the household income numbers in Humboldt County pretty well, and if you make more than $100k per year, you are in the top 10 or 15 percent of Humboldt County households.

So... if you are "just getting by," consider how the other 85 percent are living.

Anonymous said...

Don't take the BS from people like Crawford. Bush and Crawford's Republican Tax Cuts for the Very Rich are now estimated to cost your government and mine almost Four Trillion Dollars over the next decade. Meanwhile, the national debt has tripled and the War in Iraq continues to go onto our kid's credit cards at the National Bank of Communist China. People like you are being enslaved and idiots like Crawford are too stupid to understand that they are, too.

Babushka said...

RIchard, I feel your pain. The year I got into the ridiculous situation of being a landlord and a tenant at the same time was the year I got screwed worst on my taxes. This was the first year I had someone else do my taxes. I used Fullerton's and was very pleased. They were very reasonable. Our taxes has BETTER go up soon or our grandchildren willl be paying for this deficit.

Anonymous said...

Richard, we all feel really sorry that you made over $100,000. Cry me a river.

Anon.R.mous said...

I just talked to a person that I know, and they made less than one of your monthly wages for their total wage last year.

The kicker was that the City of Arcata called him medium income and raised his rent another $150 a month.


Anonymous said...

How much did you have to pay? We haven't even started on ours yet and always file an extension. Between the two of us we have enough medical costs to just about break even...Hopefully! Taxes suck no matter how much you make. No one should berate you for what you worked hard to earn. I ACCEPT that you are middle class! (Sorry, the English teacher in me or I am a Spelling Nazi)