Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow 2 and Sports stuff!

I played softball in Redding on Saturday and it started to get cold! We played 4 games and I think we had only one player hit .500 and it was not me. (Billy Sines) The teams over there are really competitive. And young. I may have been the oldest out there. By alot. When we drove home this morning, it snowed most of the way! The lit sign suggesting the carrying of chains was on! It's almost May for goodness sakes. Stop the snow already again!

Cool April nights pretty much packed Redding with thousands of car enthusiasts. I heard the motels were gouging the tourists. We stayed at the River Inn and the price wasn't that bad. The Sundial Restaurant was closed. I hope they did not go out of business.

There was an advertisement in the Redding Record Searchlight paper about a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Half a page with no date included. Funny.

The Samoa Ball Field is looking good! Kudos to Mary Beth Wolford for her fundraising and organizing skills in less than a year! A field in total disarray in December is nearly playable today!

The The Eureka Reporter did a good story on Mo Purify today. Mo is a locally grown potential NFL player. I went to High School with his mother Mary and uncle Sam Skillman. His uncle LJ was a great high school football player and coached women's high school basketball at St. Bernards and Ferndale. Mary was one of the best women's softball players locally. Sam and I played softball and basketball together. Unfortunately, the storyline in the Sporting news will tell you that Mo is going to be either a late round pick, or not chosen at all because of off the field transgressions. The Sporting News predicts Mo going to the Cardinals in the 7th round at pick #185. Normally a Eureka native being picked in the top 200 would be big news, but he had a chance of being selected in the top 50.

Just my opinion, but I think Mo actually is one of the better basketball players Humboldt has ever seen, and could have excelled in Division 1 college basketball. His cousin Mo Charlo is knocking on the NBA's door! NBA Development League: Mo Charlo Playerfile


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Carol said...

Hi Richard! I believe Mary Beth's last name is spelled 'Wolford'.

Did you have to put the chains on your vehicle?

rick said...

Well Pooh did ya throw iron???

To funny Carol

samoasoftball said...

I don't even have chains. I try to stay out of the snow. Yes Carol, I made yet another opps.

Anonymous said...

Love that I always find out about the fund raisers and other various events after the fact. Guess they don't need my money!
:) E.

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