Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phone Blackout on the Peninsula!

For whatever reason, Samoa has no phone service. So how do you report this problem? Can't call them (AT&T). Can't e-mail them if your service is through their e-mail. If you call them to report, they want an alternative # to call. It just so happens that Robin is in Sacramento with our cell phone, so I can not call her or anyone else. Kind of funny really. We are more vulnerable than we think. AT&T say that our service will be returned by Thursday at noon.


rick said...

Begging the captains pardon but how are you posting this message??

Or you could try the old fashion way, Send up smoke signals.

Sorry Pooh just couldnt resit.


samoasoftball said...

I have Suddenly Unlinked as a provider. So I do have internet access. My neighbor does not. But he has a cell phone!

Anonymous said...


Hayduke said...

You and Robin only have one cell phone? How do you survive?