Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whew! The Peninsula fund raiser goes off without a hitch!

Good Crowd, Good Food, Good Fun. Food and entertainment for $10 in Humboldt County. Mary Beth Wolford pulled off a great time! Rex Bohn did a great job with the auction. Noreen O'Brien did miracles with the dinner. Flatmo's Band kept it upbeat.

Tito Fuentes already had me as a lifelong fan, but this fundraiser raised his status in my eyes. He really played to the crowd and especially the kids here at this fundraiser. And believe me, the students at Peninsula Union school will always remember their time with Tito. He signed many autographs for nothing, and took pictures with everyone. He gave candid comments on players past and was just upbeat all weekend.

Tito did get a chance to go to the Cookhouse and experience Art's Alive in Old Town. Tomorrow he is spending additional time with the students of Peninsula. I sure hope Mary Beth plans to do another one next year!


Anonymous said...

Good job Rich , so lets get to work on the field! Oh, by the way, saw Robins commercial this weekend. She did great! Also, good to hear your voice at the end. Keep it up, I've always said you had a face for radio!!!

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Great work!