Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jen Savage and John Matthews go toe to toe on Dennis Kucinich sighting UFO!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Acknowledges UFO Sighting which led Jennifer Savage and John Matthews on KSLG 94.1 FM to have strong word with each other. If anyone out there listened around 10am it was quite the verbal tussle. John pretty much said Kucinich killed his already marginal campaign with his claims of witnessing a UFO in the state of Washington. Jennifer downplayed the damage and said the context in which he answered the question was humorous and in fact pointed out the irrelevance of the topic by Kucinich joking that more people have seen UFO's than approve of Bush in office. I was just kind of taken back to hear political dialogue on the mostly eclectic (eccentric maybe?) rock station.

Anyone out there see any UFO's locally?


Eric V. Kirk said...

I would have liked to hear that.

It doesn't matter really as Kucinich can't win the nomination, UFO or no UFO. What he can do is make a joke of the UFO thing and continue to raise the issues.

Remember Carter's giant killer rabbit?

Fred said...

What irks me about this whole thing is that most people have seen "UFOs": Unidentified Flying Objects. There are all kinds of things people see that are unidentified. The question is whether they think they were extraterrestrial.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan supposedly said he saw (one or two?) UFOs.

Jennifer Savage said...

I was correct, of course.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I didn't hear the show, and I don't know what side you were. Nonetheless, I have no doubt you were correct.

Anonymous said...

My wife saw a UFO here about 13 years ago, it was a big deal at the time, the whole night sky lit up and a few witnesses saw a supefast ball of light flying across the sky.


Quotes a Christine Gates of Blue Lake, who I see now lives in Santa Rosa.


Shane said...

This just in:

Exclusive VIP Invitation

Dear Shane Brinton

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Flynt and Host Committee Woody Harrelson, Ed Norton, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, Francis Fisher, Stephen and Kristen Stills, Melissa and Tammy Etheridge, Esai Morales, Thom and Gail Steinbeck, Michael Des Barrs, Amy Smart, Shelly Morrison, Jodie Evans, and Max Palevsky cordially invite you to attend a special evening as they honor:

Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
On November 16, 2007 From 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm
in the 10th Floor Suite of Mr. & Mrs. Larry Flynt
Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be provided.

$500 - Supporter
$1,000 - Friend
$2,300 - Host


For any questions, please contact
Holly Brown
323-651-5400 ext. 7640

UFOs and now Larry Flynt. Kucinich must really want to win this thing.

Anonymous said...

Kucinich is a UFO. Unbelievable Failing Office-seeker.

Anonymous said...

People who have seen UFO's actually aren't the fringe in America. People who support Bush & Cheney are the fringe. (Look at the polling on this subject)