Friday, September 07, 2007

Glass vs. Arkley. Thrilla in Manila! Or, You can take the man out of Humboldt, but you can't take the Humboldt out of the man.

Robin, a Humboldt County native, reacts with aggression? Oh come on! Isn't that soooo Humboldt County? We are attacked? We react! Push or be pushed. Hit or be hit. Just don't do it in public or pay the consequences.

But now the public needs closure. So here we go. At the Manila Community Center. Larry and Robin in a ultimate fighting extravaganza! I hope they let me promote it. All the revenues could go to renovation of the wetlands along the balloon tract/track if Larry wins, and if Robin prevails, Home Depot/Best Buy/Wal Mart/Sam's Club/Fry's/Chili's/Barnes and Noble/Shopko/Office Depot/Macy's/In and Out Burger/JC Penney's/Outback/Trader Joes and whatever else is on the wish list goes into the Marina Project. And in memory of Tish, a polo field. (Oh yes, my ball field too!)


Jennifer Savage said...

Ha! That's a great idea – and I can make my own fortune charging for parking around my house.

samoasoftball said...

And the concessions can help support the Friends of the Dunes, Manila Teen Center and Manila Community Service District. Plenty to go around.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

I made the same suggestion on the Humboldt Herald. Those two need an Octagon. Why not in Manila?


RMostranski said...

That is cool Robin.....

Manila is always nice for something--the sun, the beach, nothing but enjoyment in all our endeavors--and then some.....

Anonymous said...

arkleys hate the "friends of the dunes". they bought dune property IN ORDER to prevent the FOD from owning that land. the arkleys say that they hate govt ownership of things. looks like they hate govt officials who dont kiss thier asses too.

Andrew Bird said...

How thrilling would it be, really?

Larry Glass runs in the mornings, works out, watches what he eats and doesn't touch alcohol.

If only saving Eureka from the evil empire were actually that easy...

Anonymous said...

trouble with todays so called tough guys-- they can talk shit about someone but they cry like a little baby when confronted-- shit talkers used to get their asses kicked-- we had a better community

samoasoftball said...

I am sorry, but some of those comments offended even me. Re-word and try again.

Anonymous said...

Glass requests formal criminal investigation into alleged confrontation with Arkley

Glass requests formal criminal investigation into alleged confrontation with Arkley
by Heather Muller , 9/12/2007

An alleged altercation last week at an upscale Eureka restaurant between two of the city’s most prominent citizens is now the subject of a formal police investigation, Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen confirmed Tuesday.

Eureka City Councilmember Larry Glass filed an incident report Thursday with the Eureka Police Department, alleging that business owner Rob Arkley both threatened and shoved him at a Coastal Commission reception held Sept. 5 at Avalon in Old Town.

“At that point, Larry’s intent was just to have it documented,” Nielsen said, “and he indicated that he was not interested in pursuing it further. He subsequently called Monday and said he intended to proceed with pressing criminal charges.”

Glass said Tuesday, “I didn’t really change my mind. I just was being very cautious from the beginning. I really didn’t know how to respond, and I was looking for input from other people.”

But ultimately, he said, the answer came from within.

“Initially, politics was weighing into it, and political people were (saying), ‘Oh no, don’t do anything,’ and I just couldn’t live with that. That isn’t me. That isn’t who ran for office. I ran for office to stand up, not to wimp out.”

Glass said he looked at the principles he’d campaigned on and decided he either had to pursue the case or resign.

Arkley did not respond to an e-mailed request for comment, but Brian Morrissey, senior vice president of Arkley-owned Security National, said neither he nor Arkley had seen the incident report.

“I have not seen anything. We have not seen anything from the police or Mr. Glass. At this point, it would be inappropriate to make a comment.”

Nielsen said Detective Neil Hubbard was assigned to the case, but added that he hoped the investigation didn’t “become an unreasonable distraction to the community, because I think we have some significant issues we should be concentrating on.”

Glass said he shared Nielsen’s concerns, and agreed that as a vocal advocate for increased EPD funding he was more aware than most of the department’s limited resources.

“But I’m also the guy out there trying to organize neighborhoods and tell them they’ve got to report crime, they’ve got to stand up, even though they’re afraid,” Glass said, adding that he tried and failed to bypass the EPD and take his case directly to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office.

He described his encounter with Arkley as “very hostile and threatening.”

Arkley “kept telling me he was going to destroy me. He said it over and over again. ‘I’m going to destroy you. You’re nothing. I’m going to destroy you,’ and also the part about he was paying people to follow me. It made it sound like he could reach out and touch me whenever he wanted to,” Glass said.

Glass said he filed a previous incident report in December or January because he believed he was being followed by someone driving a black Cadillac Escalade.

Once, Glass said, he had to drive several laps around the courthouse before he lost the vehicle at a stoplight.

When asked if Arkley ever had Glass followed, Morrissey said no. “Rob has not had Larry followed,” he said.

In an interesting footnote to the controversy, Nielsen said Tuesday that he attended the Coastal Commission event where the incident occurred.

“Rex Bohn called and said he was grilling oysters at the reception, and told me to come on down,” Nielsen said. “I was just talking to people as they were coming and going, but I stayed outside the whole time. I saw and heard nothing, but when Larry left he took me aside and told me the incident had occurred.”

Nielsen said the investigation will include interviews with Glass, Arkley and witnesses. Hubbard will then compile a report, which will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for a charging decision.

Anonymous said...

This just in, Charles Olivier attacks 2cnd District Harbor District candidate Carlos Quilez! Yes it is true, Sir Charles called out Carlos and went into a rant following candidate interviews at the labor temple tuesday.Carlos, the gentleman he is simply asked Chuckys wife to please take charge of her husband and calm him down , Carlos also thought better and has not gone foward with this as did Glass . Charles is not even running in the 2cnd but somehow feels a threat. this begs the question 5th district voters , do you really want Chucky Back?

Anonymous said...

Glass is acting like an prima dona and is wasting tax payer money with this crap.

Get a life Larry.

PS don't paint me as pro arkley - don't know the man. I just think Glass is acting like an spoiled selfish idiot.

Anonymous said...

Go Larry go!

Anonymous said...

Yes larry go home back to arcata.

Anonymous said...

Your wrong. Glass is not "acting" like a selfish idiot.He is a selfish idiot.

Anonymous said...

Larry Glass is the Man!! We all know that Rob Arkley is sitting in a bar somewhere in Louisiana reading this blog and others and making self promoting commnents about what a great guy he is and what a louse Larry is. Hey Rob, I believe you as far as I can toss you, or is it shove ya big bully boy?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Arkley reads this blog, but he may pay someone else to do it for him.

Anonymous said...

Rob Arkley is at home in Louisiana going over all the compromising pictures of Cherie his private investigator turned up.