Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fed-Ex delivers knockout blow to Tomaso's in Wood Bat Championship.

Our mighty Tomaso Bombers wood bat team beat Moose Lodge (Old Stingers) 6-2 to move on to the Championship round of the Arcata Wood Bat Championships against Fed-Ex. Bob Rossig of Moose announced his retirement from softball after the game. (I told him I would be calling him in 6 months for the un-retirement)

Tomaso took a 2-1 lead into the bottom of the 6th against against Fed-Ex in the Championship pool game. We held Eric Eichen, Jeremy Rasmussen, Eric Younger, Ghery Foster, Andrew Turpin and crew in check until they really needed it. Boom Boom Boom, we were down 8-2 going into the 7th, and they closed the door. Same score we lost by a few days earlier. They deserved the win and were great sports.

The second place Tomaso team was led by Joe Money, Dave Rhodes, Chris and Eric Pence, Jackson Kirsher, Cameron Reed, Greg Alora, Alan Schmidt, Doug Small, Jerome Holbrook, Kevin, Toye Johnson player coach Chuck Kirsher and that old fat guy me. (But I can still get on base and run!)

I hate the end of softball! Now we enter the dark days of winter. All the guys I get to see in the sun seem to hibernate for the next 6 months. It is time for me to focus on Basketball!


Anonymous said...

Hey Richard good season hats off to you guys.Its sad the season is over. Oh by the way nice running bunt you hit off me last night you got me!!! LOL. You guys are a fun team to play agianst. latez Jeremy

samoasoftball said...

Wait til next year! I hope this winter is short.

Anonymous said...

Recall Larry Glass

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Tomaso's, where is Tomaso these days?

Anonymous said...

If you attend the next you reeka council , try not to step on broken Glass. If you do it is easy to recycle in Arcata, Big Larrys real home town!!!