Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keep your dogs on a leash! Wednesday Musings!

Robin and I decided to take advantage of the weather today and take our Gray Pomeranian “Smokey” to the “Big Toilet” at the Arcata Marsh Arcata Marsh for a romp. Smokey grew up with our Golden Retriever “Roxie” and thinks he is a Retriever too. Smokey has become a very aggressive Alpha dog through his 8 years and is fearless when it comes to other dogs, no matter the size. We always have Smokey on a leash on our walks and I always lead “The Smokster” and make sure he is on the outside of traffic approaching us. (I am on the inside, Smoke is on the outside of the trail.) Sure enough, we were approached by a young man with a un neutered Pit Bull. I walked Smokey off the main trail and we were completely in the rough and stopped. The young man had his Pit on his inside (showing the dog as dominant) and he let his Pit encroach our space. He tried to ask me what kind of dog I had and let his approach our dog, and I had to tell him mine was an aggressive male and walk Smokey away. He had no control of his dog whatsoever. We kept moving along the main trial and caught up on another hiker in front of us with a black lab. She was upset and talked to Robin and I about the Pit Bull we ran across. When she and her dog approached it, the Pit was not leashed and she had to remind the young man to leash it and it was aggressively looking at her dog. The young Pit owner said that the leash rule was only for bad dogs. Her lab was viscously attacked by a Pit on the beach as pup and was scared. All dogs should be on a leash everywhere in the county where exposed to others.

Hey! I was on Channel 3 tonight! I was the guy they showed shoveling. Rex Bohn was the guy they had talking….add the punch line if you will.

It was time to mow the lawn today. I brought out the mower and finished the front lawn and started to do the back and the mower quit. I asked Robin to bring out the socket wrench and tools and could see her cringe. I am one of those backyard mechanics with little skill. I have done lots of work on our past vehicles and my brothers Jim (deceased) Roy and Mike are and were accomplished mechanics. (My Brother Mike owned M&D auto locally.) When I was 7 years old, I was ordained the duty of lawn mower guy, and any time I had problems with the mowers, I had better be ready to repair them. (Funny they could work on cars and motorcycles with great dexterity, but they were clueless to the lawnmower workings.) So I could see I had a fuel problem and wanted to try to free the carburetor float. I had to take it apart a few times and I could see Robin getting restless and speaking her thought that it was the air filter, bad fuel or bad spark plug. I was right in the long run, it was the float and I was able to finish.

Oh yes. Robin gave me the OK for a Specialized/Customized Harley I am having built by a buddy in the valley. (Something I can work on!)

The Golden State Warriors have made the playoffs! I have been a huge Warriors fan all the way back to the early 70's. Used to listen on the radio big time with Larry King. I have been a e-mail buddy of Rick Barry for a few years. It is time to celebrate! Good job Nellie!


Stu said...

Richard, it doesn't sound like you'll have time to ride your new bike, but let me know when you get it and we'll go for a ride.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting your Pit story where people can read it. These things happen every day, yet because we aren't keeping track of them, the problem of irresponsible Pit owners is not being addressed.

Maybe you could start a thread dealing with violations of our leash laws, close calls with Pits, etc. Documenting the dangers that are being posed to other dogs, and in some cases to children and elderly people, could make us all safer.

Stu said...

It's not the breed, it's the owners.

Ekovox said...

"Hey! I was on Channel 3 tonight! I was the guy they showed shoveling. Rex Bohn was the guy they had talking….add the punch line if you will."

Which side of the political horse were you on? Feeding the horse or picking up after the horse?
(Sorry, Richard, no one else left a punch line.)

...formerly Mous Anony

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of Rex Bohn talking. First it was him talking for the petroleum company saying that there is no collusion locally regarding gas prices. Then he ran for city council and we had to listen to him campaign. Now every charity auction I go to it's Rex as auctioneer. Get a real auctioneer, I'm tired of Rex.

Anonymous said...

he probably doesnt get paid to do these charity auctions a real auctioneer would so I guess donates his time my son plays in the little league he runs and at the fields he built and he is there every night i dont know him very well but it seems a lot of people are jealous he does so much for the community what do you donate

Anonymous said...

this is what you call a run on sentence with no punctuation and its really hard to read dont you think all the thoughts just blend into one another did you go to school or are you just in a big hurry i think an auctioneer would donate time for a good cause if they were asked any auctioneers out there what do you have to say

Anonymous said...

Did your Mom used to work at the front desk at the Downtowner Motel back in the late 70's, early 80's? Rex is a talker that's for sure! LMAO

samoasoftball said...

11:58-Yes, my mother was working the front desk at the Downtowner and sometimes walked home to her house at 2491 Russ St at nearly 70 years of age. (She did not drive) One of a kind. I miss her to this day.