Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Celebration of life for Diane Hall.

My best buddy Ed Fregoso's Mother in Law Diane Hall died recently and her funeral was today. Her daughter Michelle has been great friends of Robin and I, and we have spent many holidays and BBQ's with Diane and family. She was a rare person of great personality and opinion. She loved her family and extended it out to everyone she met. She loved to yard sale shop and sell her special finds on E-bay and she was a fantastic cook. Diane made a spread for a wine tasting fund raiser I had for one of my election campaigns that was just mind blowing good. Just a really good person who died unexpectedly from a heart attack at 59.

I will be the first to admit that I hate funerals and was expecting that this one would be awfully sad. Boy was I wrong. This was a true celebration of ones life! The sermon was led by Sacred Heart Deacon Anthony Viegas and it had twists and turns I did not expect. Michelle Fregoso did a great reading of Matthew, Laura and Lee Marx did a great Eulogy, Madi Simmons and Miko Ross did a great African Drum and poem in memory of Diane (an African American), and my Mejor Amigo Ed gave a unrehearsed tribute that was just heart wrenching but glorifying. His 14 year old Daughter Xochitl wrote this poem in memory of her Grandma:

When she entered any space,
it was lit by her glowing face.

When your life was moving at too fast of pace,
She was there to hold you on tight embrace.

She was my picture of inner beauty and grace,
Even when she covered me with frills and lace.

At collecting and treasure hunting she was an ace,
with so many things that were there to misplace.

When we traveled to a new found place,
Our hands were always in a tight enlace.

But now she is gone and we have no way to replace,
This wonderful woman who is now in God's grace.

Lorenza Simmons sang and old gospel song in closing.

I am sure Diane was there in spirit as a witness to the love of her family and friends. It was one funeral I came away from feeling uplifted. Good Bye Diane. You were great person. See ya on the other side!

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