Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A broom was blocking my locker! Sports stuff.

I came to work and noticed a broom laying against my locker. Oh no! It was a message of defeat. The dreaded LA Dodgers had swept my beloved Giants. And the local Dodger fans were out in force at the Pulp Mill. Oh, how I hate the stinkin Dodgers! But it looks like a long season for the men in orange and black. Zito and Cain and pray for rain! Morris and Lowery give me the cry towelry. We will be lucky to get 75 wins. Barry Bonds will be the only good thing?

The Samoa Athletic Club Basketball Team is 5-1 and in first place in the Eureka Parks and Recreation c-3 league. They are carrying me. We have a good group of players ranging from 20 years old to 65. Ben Horton, Dave Norton and Dustin Baker are working well together with the older guys, Ben Hickock, Paul Schneekluth, Ron denHeyer and Billy Sines. Oh, and that Marks guy.

I am hoping to host a softball tournament May 12th and 13th in Arcata. I may have to work though. I will be holding the Memorial Tournament at Weaverville on the 25th and 26th. I took this time off. The gem show will also be on that weekend.

Oh, how blessed we are here in Humboldt County! I went to hit some balls with the Senior Softball guys at Pacific Union. I drove from Samoa to Jackson Ranch road and navigated the Arcata bottoms to the school and was just in awe over how spoiled we are over our landscape. Robin and I used to ride our bikes all over the bottoms for exercise. We are so fortunate for all our natural benefits.


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