Thursday, October 24, 2013

Humboldt Bay the only "High Health Certified" Bay in California!

That means that we have the only California bay that Oyster seedlings may be shipped to other areas. And there is a growing need all over the west coast for seed!

Other little tid bits of Aquaculture information for Humboldt Bay from last Monday's Harbor Economic Development Committee meeting:

1. Currently bay oyster businesses bring in about 9.4 million dollars to Humboldt County. Should greatly exceed 10 million in the next few years.

2. Within the next few years there will be over 110 oyster related workers on Humboldt Bay.

3. The Humboldt Bay Harbor District is finalizing a project that will create "One Stop Shopping" permitting processes for oyster farms to streamline "Creation of Jobs!"

4. The Humboldt Bay Harbor Pilot Aquaponics project is close to successfully growing commercial produce such as lettuce, basil and dill for local grocery stores! Using eatable fin fish sturgeon and trout to create the production link.

5. Upcoming tours of the projects on the bay will give tourists one more reason to stay and enjoy Humboldt County!

HSU President Richmond pointed out that 60% of all food for human consumption is produced from the ocean. To maximize Humboldt Bay's ability is forward thinking for our region.


Anonymous said...

Screw the oysters, we need to turn our bay into a coal shipping port, linking the Midwest to China thru our new port. That's where the REAL good pay jobs will come from!

Stephen said...

While the comment above is Prog bait there is some truth to the fact that oyster production takes a lot of room for those non-native species and how many Humboldt families are really benefiting from this commercial farming being done in our Humboldt Bay? Not saying it's bad but the cost/benefit ratio that is favoring a relatively few family operations over more equable Bay commercial possibilities needs to be addressed.

skippy said...

Very good, consistent and interesting local articles lately, Richard. I'm really enjoying them.

Thank you for the reporting and letting us know what's going on in the seaside communities, with business, and the Harbor District.

I always wondered what you guys did. Now I have an inkling. Or a clue. You know, I need many clues just to grasp the bigger picture of what goes on. Other times I'm as clueless and dumb as a box of oysters. Without the box!