Saturday, October 26, 2013

HSU Basketball in for long season.

Perry Price and I went to watch the scrimmage between the current Jack and the alumni. Final score 87-70 old guys. I mean, some alumni haven't played in a decade for HSU. Here are somethings they need improvement:

> Don't force passes creating turnovers!
> Go shoot some free throws!
> The Three's ain't working, take it to the hole!
> Hands up down low, no gimme layups!
> Can anyone on this team set a pick?
> Rebounding and down low length will be a key weakness.

It was nice to see local players Will Taylor, Chris Pender, Parker Farris and Dylan Ingersoll will be on the team. Taylor may find significant time on the court this year. Farris had an off night and I am not sure his shot selection was all that great. Pender and Ingersoll didn't get that much time on the court to evaluate.

I was complaining to Perry about Allen Guei playing the whole game on the point and was wondering why Coach Kinder didn't put someone else in to see how they might do. Well midway through the second half he took him out and I saw why Allen was in all the time, no backup at the point! It seemed there were many on the bench that didn't get much playing time. Don't you think a scrimmage against the alumni would be the time to really check out a players potential?

Freshman Jordan Mackie had some bright spots and some freshmanny type plays. David Howard is a leaper who will be entertaining to watch.

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