Thursday, October 10, 2013

NCRA Meeting Highlights 10/9/13

NCRA Meeting Highlights

A Presentation by NWPco. Operator John Williams began the meeting of the North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA). Basically Mr. Williams updated or gave a progress report on the Ukiah Depot Remediation Project.  The $250,000 project now looks to be around $350,000. Mr. Williams again assured he was going to clean the land no matter the overruns.
It was pointed out in the financials that the NCRA is currently $1,091,184 in debt to in just interest.
There is a log deck in Willits that is putting 1,500 Hem-Fir logs a month into containers and trucking to Oakland for shipment to China to build forms for a dam project.  The may need 3 million board feet of wood for the project and stumpage fees have went from around $300 to over $600 a stump.
A proposal for fiber optic lines in Mendocino County and Humboldt may be coming soon from Golden Bear Broadband to the NCRA.
NWPco Operator John Williams reported a stoppage in service due to a replacement bridge being built. The contractor and NWPco came to an agreement of 10 days for construction, negotiated from an original 18 days. Another 3 bridge’s south of Petaluma are earmarked for replacement in the future and similar negotiations are expected. 
Marin County NCRA Director Bernie Meyers announced he would not be seeking reappointment to the Board and gave a scathing analysis of the conduct of the NCRA as an organization.  


Charlie Bean said...

Over $1 million in interest owed? Is this a typo?

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Fred Mangels said...

Check the Lost Coast Outpost for Bernie Meyers' scathing analysis of the NCRA, Charlie.

rick mitchell said...

Richard, Are the minutes of the meeting available online or by request?

samoasoftball said...

Yes. The NCRA website.

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