Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walmart open today.Samoasoftball will stay home safely.

Never been a huge fan of WalMart and their relationship with employees. I mentioned to Robin about maybe picketing the opening on the Bayshore Mall and my wife of over 30 years said, "I will rip that sign out of your hands and whack you upside the head with it and stomp on your body on my way in!" I guess I will stay home instead.


Fred Mangels said...

No big deal to me. I rarely go to the Bayshore Mall anyway.

Anonymous said...

I went just to see what they had and check out some prices. They sure have a lot of employees and lots of people to show you where something is that you are trying to find.

They do not carry a lot of different brands in the grocery area and I noticed that some things that appeared to have a good price were smaller than the same brand at a regular grocery store so the price might not be as good after all. There were plenty of people in there that seemed to be looking around too but also a lot of actual shoppers. Saw frozen salmon in a 2 lb package that was wild caught at 8.99 for the package and just might try that when there is room in the freezer.