Monday, June 11, 2012

SF Democratic Committee slides closer to the middle. Same with Humboldt County Democrats?

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee had 51 people run for 24 seats and they spent over $500,000 in the race with Scott Wiener spending $70,000 himself. And 6 of the winners are on the SF Board of Supervisors! That means that if any county issues come before the central committee they will have to post a notice of a meeting of the BOS! That is some serious Democratic politicking.

In Humboldt County there were 10 contested seats for the Humboldt County Democrats and 17 candidates. Two members of the Humboldt BOS are also on the HCDCC. No candidates spent more than $1,000. (In my case no where near that.) But did the committee really change? Here is my take.

1st District:

Heidi Benzonelli-Progressive
Julie Timmons-Moderate
Phillis Seawright-Progressive
Joan Hubbard-Moderate

2nd District:

Kathleen Creager-Moderate
Estelle Fennell-Moderate
Kristina Renner-Moderate
Barbara Kennedy-Progressive

3rd District:

Milt Boyd-Moderate
Michael Winkler-Progressive
Shane Brinton-Progressive
Barbara Carolan-Moderate
Pam Cahill-Moderate
Isabella Phipps-Moderate

4th District:

Linda Atkins-Progressive
Bob Service-Progressive
Pam Service-Progressive
Virginia Bass-Moderate

5th District:

Roger Smith-Moderate
Mike Pigg-Moderate
Keven Dreyer-Moderate
Sid Berg-Moderate
One seat open. How about Patrick Higgins?

So in my estimation, there are 14 Moderates and 8 Progressives on the current committee. It will be interesting on who the next Executive Board might be. It has been ruled by Progressives for years.

Should be an interesting meeting this Wednesday at 7pm. Bring the popcorn and maybe watch sparks and accusations fly! Hope the media is out to witness this.


Iraq War Veteran said...

So if you truly believe in the Democratic Party platform then your labeled a progressive, but if you waver a little or disagree with key issues, or say vote and endorse a Republican/Conservative candidate over the Democrat/Liberal.....then you're a moderate? That's odd.

In the CA-2 race, Susan Adams and Norman Solomon were considered progressive liberals (which is labeled radical by some) but actually stuck to the National Democratic Platform, while Jared Huffman and Stacey Lawson are considered moderates but self admitted that they would work with the other side to get legislation past, which is code for doing what the Far Right Republicans say to do.

The political spectrum has moved so far to the right that politicians who were once considered far-left liberals are now just mainstream Democrats, while moderate Dems are really just Republicans. How many Occupy politicians does the left have compared to the 62 elected members of the House of Representatives in the Tea Party? .....that would be none.

Joel Mielke said...

I've got to agree with the veteran on this one.
If a conservative does not froth at the mouth, she's a "moderate." If a liberal believes that access to health care is an important problem, he's a radical.

samoasoftball said...

And yet Virginia Bass is for Universal Health Coverage, Pro Gay Marriage, Pro Choice and is for safety nets to take care of people who can't take care of themselves.

Such as those people who for whatever reason are unable to provide for themselves. That being children, the elderly, mentally ill, victims of alcohol or drug abuse.

And Virginia supports things such as people realizing their American dream of home ownership, college education and just having a healthy and safe environment at home.

Fair and decent wages for all and set asides for retirement and healthcare.

She supports workers in conditions of fair and equitable working conditions and wages that provide taxes to help all.

I have a problem with Democrats being labeled and put in a "conservative" box when they support candidates that share common "core" values that are people oriented.

And now let the anonymous wieners respond from their cloaked identities.

Anonymous said...

Conservative, or

just plain crooked?

Julie Timmons said...

Have to disagree with Vet and Joel that moderate Dems are "just Republicans". Read a paper lately? The paralysis in Washington is totally due to the GOP.

Iraq War Veteran said...

Thanks for making my point Julie. It has been the GOP that moved the political spectrum farther right, making moderate Democrats....uhhh Republicans or maybe just sell outs.